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Audiology Codes Change Notice

First Steps Provides and Service Coordinators
Re: Audiology CPT Codes

Based on feedback received by several First Steps audiology providers, additional CPT codes have been added to the SPOE database and the "Request for Authorization for Audiology Services." Attached to this memo is a draft form, which can be used for reference purposes until the State form has been developed and posted to the First Steps web for general use. The following codes have been added to better reflect audiology services currently being provided in First Steps, with the assigned pricing:

V5264 - Ear Mold/Insert - the pricing on this is $35 per ear - 4 per ear per year

V5266 - Battery for Hearing Aid - the pricing on this is $5 - maximum of 4 packs per year

V5267 - Hearing Aid Supplies/Access (this would cover the hearing aid cleaning kit, the headband and other accessories) - the pricing on this is $15

V5257 - Hearing Aid Digital Monaural - $900 per ear

V5261 - Hearing Aid Digital Binaural - $1800 both ears

These code additions are effective immediately. Beginning December 1, 2006, the old codes will no longer be valid (V5299 codes and some ABR coding). Future invalid codes have been removed from the form. While you may continue to use these codes until December, please be advised they are being phased out, and new authorizations after 12/1 will contain the new CPT codes.

If audiology providers are aware of additional codes that encompass First Steps audiology services, please forward your suggestions to the First Steps website: