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Training resources

Great Lakes Prevention Technology Transfer Center: The PTTC network provides free trainings and materials. Click on the link to register for upcoming trainings. To access recorded webinars and other resources, click on the link and then navigate to “Resources – Products and Resources Catalog”.  You can also navigate to “Education –” to access additional trainings.

IPRC training portal - register for upcoming trainings and access recorded webinars.

Regional system for the prevention of substance misuse

For more information about the Regional Prevention System, click here.

For a list of current regional coordinators with contact information, click here.

To learn more about the Regional Prevention System, view these flyers:

Funding opportunities

Requests for funding

Recent funding awards

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Annual Synar reports

Indiana youth survey (2020)

Indiana college substance use survey (2019)

Substance Misuse in Indiana (2020)

The Consumption and Consequences of Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs in Indiana: A State Epidemiological Profile (2020)

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on behavioral health in Indiana (2020)