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Prevention partners

Regional System for the Prevention of Substance Misuse

Indiana’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction has a regional network of coordinators to work with stakeholders in their designated communities across Indiana to build bridges and address barriers in the interest of helping prevent substance use/misuse, promote mental health, and reduce marginalization of various populations around the state .DMHA partners with an independent contractor to manage the regional system and coordinators.

These coordinators serve as a link between DMHA and local community organizations, service providers, service recipients and all community members to help address gaps and facilitate information exchange to prevent substance misuse. The regional coordinators will also develop and sustain communication networks and platforms that best serve the region and represent DMHA locally and statewide through the development of regional councils. They will be a direct voice for the region to the state and a direct voice for the state to the region using elements of transparency, choice development, mutual collaboration, and empowerment. The regional coordinator will identify gaps that exist between needs and resources through the lens of community influencers. The information obtained from the regions will then be utilized by DMHA to work with national, state and local partners to strategize ways to address identified gaps.

The regional map is located here, and contact information for the regional coordinators is here.

To learn more about the Regional Prevention System, view these flyers:

Please contact your Regional Prevention Coordinator for more information about your local Client Consultation Board or Regional Prevention Council, including agendas and minutes.

Mental Health America of Indiana

Mental Health America of Indiana receives funds from many different parts of the DMHA office. For Prevention, MHAI is funded to address alcohol use in the state of Indiana, with a main focus on underage drinking and binge drinking, but also addresses mental health and substance use among college-age students. As binge drinking typically occurs with youth and young adults ages 12-24, and underage drinking with those age 20 and younger, MHAI utilizes prevention funding to support their subsidiaries, Indiana Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking and the Indiana Collegiate Action Network.

ICRUD aims to create healthier and safer environments by reducing the accessibility and availability of alcohol to underage persons. ICRUD believes that all young people have the right to live and learn in environments that do not promote or facilitate underage drinking, and that youth and adults working together for policy change are an integral part of the solution.

ICRUD utilizes prevention funds to train, educate and inform community members, preventionists, governing officials and students about the harms of underage drinking and current policies that address underage drinking.

ICAN is a statewide coalition of colleges and universities working to address high risk activities among college students. Currently DMHA funds three universities to implement prevention strategies that address the mental health and substance use of their students. ICAN provides technical assistance to those colleges and universities as they assess, plan, implement and evaluate the work they are doing. ICAN also provides mini-grants to other coalition members through an application process to implement evidence-based strategies on their campuses.

Prevention Insights

DMHA has partnered with Prevention Insights, formerly known as the Indiana Prevention Resource Center, to advance prevention efforts in the state of Indiana. DMHA funds the following projects and initiatives through this partnership:

  • Indiana youth survey – collects data on the prevalence of substance use, mental health, gambling and risk and protective factors for students in grades 6-12
  • Indiana College Substance Use Survey – collects data on the prevalence of substance use and other risk behaviors among Indiana college students
  • Training in SBIRT
  • Training in motivational interviewing
  • Support, training and technical assistance for programs funded by the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment block grant

Thomas P. Miller & Associates

DMHA partners with Thomas P. Miller & Associates to provide evaluation services for funded communities and agencies. TPMA assists grantees with evaluation planning, development of pre/post test surveys, and utilization of outcome data. TPMA monitors fidelity to model for evidence-based programs and provides evaluation reports and consultation to DMHA.

Additional prevention partners

State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup

Evidence-based programs, practices and policies advisory committee

Indiana Criminal Justice Institute / local coordinating councils

Indiana Department of Education

Indiana State Department of Health

Intuitive Synergies

Prevention Leadership Group

Prevention Technology Transfer Center, Great Lakes Region

COSSAP Summary of Programs (Comprehensive Opioid Stimulant Substance Abuse Site-Based Program grant)