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Recovery Works team

Main email: Recovery.Works@fssa.IN.gov

Catrinka Prestly – Forensic Treatment Services Clinical Director 

Email: Catrinka.Prestly@fssa.IN.gov 
Phone: 317-232-3189
Ms. Prestly is the Forensic Treatment Services Clinical Director and team lead for Recovery Works. Catrinka earned her undergraduate degree in criminal justice from Kaplan University and continued her education to receive a Master of Science degree in criminology and criminal justice from Indiana State University. She has worked in the criminal justice and social work field for 10+ years, where she gained experience with the Marion County Juvenile Center, State of Indiana Department of Child Services, and private sectors relating to both criminal justice and social work system. As of October of 2017, Catrinka began with DMHA and is responsible for ICJI program grant implementation, prior authorizations and quality assurance audits.  

Kelli Jensen – Forensic Treatment Services Clinical Director 

Email: Kelli.Jensen@fssa.IN.gov 
Phone: 317-232-7913

Kelli joined the DHMA team in October 2019 as a Forensic Treatment Services Clinical Director for the Recovery Works Program. Kelli earned her undergraduate degree from Purdue University where she spent a significant amount of her coursework on Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice, and Psychology. She has been in the mental health/social work field for over 11 years where she has worked with youth, adults, and families within the Juvenile Justice, Criminal Justice, Child Welfare systems providing mental health treatment, substance abuse education and treatment, judicial consultations, sentencing mitigation, and cross-system care coordination. She has worked in a multitude of settings including residential treatment facilities, courtrooms, jails, as well as with clients in the community. As a Forensic Treatment Services Clinical Director, Kelli is responsible for the Recovery Works program implementation, prior authorizations, and quality assurance audits.

Denise Lay – Forensic Treatment Services Coordinator

Email: Estella.Lay@fssa.IN.gov
Phone: 317-233-2773
Denise is the Forensic Treatment Services Coordinator for all regions of Indiana. She has been part of the DMHA family for many years. Denise provides resources and technical assistance for the program. She can answer questions regarding vouchers, agency inquiries and applications, and the Recovery Works website.