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Adult Mental Health Habilitation Services

Effective November 1, 2014, Indiana implemented the 1915(i) Adult Mental Health Habilitation services program. The AMHH services program was adopted by Indiana to provide community-based opportunities for the care of adults with serious mental illness who may most benefit from keeping or learning skills to maintain a healthy safe lifestyle in the community.

AMHH services are provided for individuals and their families, or groups of adult persons who are living in the community and who need help on a regular basis with serious mental illness or co-occurring mental illness and addiction disorders. This is accomplished by:

  • Assessing the individual’s needs and strengths.
  • Developing an Individualized Integrated Care Plan that outlines objectives of care, including how AMHH services assist in delivering appropriate home and community-based habilitation services to the individual.
  • Assisting the individual in reaching their habilitative goals.

An eligible AMHH services recipient will be authorized to receive specific requested AMHH services as approved by the State Evaluation Team and on their care plan for one year (360 days) from the start date of the approval. The following are the AMHH services:

  • Adult day services
  • Home- and Community-Based Habilitation and Support Services
  • Respite care
  • Therapy and behavioral support services
  • Addiction counseling
  • Supported community engagement services
  • Care coordination
  • Medication training and support

AMHH services are intended for individuals who meet the all of following core target group criteria:

  • Individual is enrolled in Medicaid
  • Individual is age 19 or older
  • Individual resides in a setting which meets federal setting requirements for home and community-based services
  • Individual has an AMHH-eligible, DMHA-approved diagnosis, which may include the following (refer to eligible diagnoses link for a full listing of AMHH-eligible diagnosis codes):
    • Schizophrenic disorders (F20/F22/F25 in ICD-10/DSM-5; 295.xx in ICD-9/DSM-IV-TR)
    • Major depressive disorder (F33 in ICD-10/DSM-5; 296.xx in ICD-9/DSM-IV-TR)
    • Bipolar disorders (F31 in ICD-10/DSM-5; 296.xx in ICD-9/DSM-IV-TR)
    • Delusional disorder (F22 in ICD-10/DSM-5; 297.1 in ICD-9/DM-IV-TR)
    • Psychotic disorder NOS (F28/F29 in ICD-10/DSM-5; 298.9 in ICD-9/DSM IV-TR)
    • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (F42 in ICD-10/DSM-5; 300.3 in ICD-9/DSM-IV-TR)

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