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Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Services

Questions about employment services may be submitted to

Employment Services Providers

To learn more about becoming an Employment Service Provider, please email . For a listing of approved VR employment service providers, please click here.

Employment Services Manual

Diving Into Discovery

From January 2021 through April 2022 a group of Employment Services Provider staff and Vocational Rehabilitation staff came together as Discovery Cohort B.  The group was tasked with these objectives:

  • Identify best practices
  • Identify needed revisions
  • Mini pilots of innovative strategies
  • Network with peers statewide
  • Directly inform VR practice changes/enhancements

This Cohort worked diligently to provide recommendations and develop tools for VR leadership to review.  We truly appreciate the time, expertise, and commitment of the Cohort B participants.  Over the next year, VR plans to release tools and implement updates based on the recommendations from Cohort B.  As they are released, you will be able to access the tools and resources created by Cohort B members below:

Employment Services Forms

Employment Service Forms are located on the Login page of VR Claims Payment System (VR-CPS) under the VR Forms section:

If you do not find the form you need, please use the 'View All Links". This will open a new window with all forms that are uploaded to this section.

Training Resources

Level Up Indiana

Level Up Indiana: Employment Specialist Initiative
Level Up Indiana: Employment Specialist Initiative is the VR funded statewide training and technical assistance project that helps new and experienced employment service professionals through training, coaching, and hands-on practice.   While there are many trainings available, 2 key trainings for building capacity are:

  • Foundations, a training program for first- or second-year employment specialists, combines Association of Community Rehabilitation Education (ACRE) certified coursework with Indiana-specific training. Students receive their ACRE certification after completing the course.
  • You can also apply your skills through the Level Up Indiana Coaching Network. Meet with seasoned employment staff for coaching, job shadowing, and real-world practice. Learn, grown, and connect though Level Up Indiana.

Access these opportunities and more through the following website: