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Indiana VRS 2016 State Plan Survey w/ASL

The following are MP4 files of each survey question in American Sign Language


Information about this survey

Introduction to this survey

Your affiliation to VR

Students and Youth with Disabilities Needs

What do you believe are the needs of students with disabilities pre-employment transition services?

In assisting students with disabilities make the transition from school to work, what would you identify as the primary barriers?

What strategies do you recommend to improve/expand VR services for students and youth with disabilities?

Identify strategies for coordination with employers on transition services for students and youth with disabilities?

Functional Limitations and Supported Employment Needs

What barriers exist in serving individuals through supported employment?

Employer Engagement

What strategies would enhance engagement?

What services/resources would be beneficial?

What do you see as barriers?

Partnerships/Workforce Development

What suggestions do you have?

Rate the current relationships between VRS and WorkOne

Who are minority groups that are unreserved/undeserved?

What are the services gaps for minority groups?

What disability groups do you see as being undeserved?

What do you see as being unreserved/undeserved populations?

What is needed to improve the involvement of the underserved populations?

Community Rehabilitation Providers and Service Needs

What are your perceived needs to improve Community Employment Programs?

Overall Comments/Suggestions