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FAQs for Individuals and Families

Case Management Innovation Frequently Asked Questions for Individuals / Families

Click here for a printable version of these FAQs.

Why are there changes happening with case management?  

Case management services are a foundational component to all waiver services. BDDS is prioritizing case management to ensure that every person receiving waiver services has access to consistent quality case management.

Is this the waiver redesign?  

Yes. This innovation is PART of the waiver redesign. During the waiver redesign process, we received feedback that improvements are needed in case management training and consistency and that this should be addressed separately from other waiver services.

Which case management companies have been chosen?

  • The Columbus Organization
  • Unity of Indiana
  • Connections Case Management
  • Inspire Case Management
  • Indiana Professional Management Group
  • CareStar of Indiana

I currently use one of the case management companies selected. Do I still have to make a choice?

There is nothing you need to do if you want to stay with your current case management company since they were selected.

My case management company was not selected. When do I have to choose a new case management company?

Case management is a required service. You must choose a new case management company no later than December 14, 2021.

Will I still be able to choose my case manager and case management company?

Yes. You have the ability to choose your provider of all waiver services and to select a different provider at any time.

Can I keep my same case manager?

If your case manager already works for one of the case management companies selected through this process, then keeping your same case manager is likely.

If your case manager works for a case management company that is NOT awarded, you will have to choose one of the case management companies from the above list.

If your case manager is changing their employment to one of these case management companies, you may ask them which company they are going to and request to move with them. You should still contact that new company to ensure they know of your intentions to follow your case manager and make sure they are able to accommodate that request.

Am I going to lose to my waiver?

No. This does not affect your eligibility or access to the waiver.

Will this affect my budget?

No. There is no change to the reimbursement for case management. Therefore, it has no affect to your waiver budget.

Will I lose any services?

No. You will have the same options for waiver services as you currently have.

How is this different than the case management I currently receive?

The quality and delivery of person-centered case management services will be directly and positively impacted. This model gives case managers the tools and resources to connect individuals and families to an array of supports to help them define and advocate for their vision of a good life. For instance, your case manager may have more support and better training, and you may see greater consistency in the case management service.

I live in a rural area – will this make it harder for me to get a case manager?

No. BDDS is working to ensure that no matter where you live, you will have your choice of case management companies.

What do I need to do now?

No action is needed. All individuals currently receiving CIH and FSW services will be notified via email of new information when it’s available, including any next steps.

Where can I find more information?  

There are multiple ways you can stay up to date and receive the latest information.

Who should I talk to with my questions or concerns related to my case manager?

BDDS and BQIS is prohibited in answering questions related directly to the RFS but are still available to answer questions related to the overall project of waiver redesign. Questions, concerns or general feedback can be directed to your local BDDS office or you can email

What is the timeline for changes?

The case management companies’ contracts will be awarded in October, and the anticipated implementation date is in January 2022.