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Case Management Leaders FAQs

Case Management Innovation Frequently Asked Questions for Case Management Leadership

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Why are the case management changes a new priority?

Case management services are a vital function. DDRS is prioritizing case management services and responding to stakeholder requests for enhancements as part of the overall waiver redesign process. Additionally, it’s important that case management uphold quality standards, which are being prioritized as part of this initiative.

What is the status of the waiver redesign?

The waiver redesign continues to be a priority, and this change is a part of the overall approach to redesign. Updates can be found on the BDDS Waiver Redesign webpage.

How are you ensuring that the process to choose case management companies is fair and objective?

The competitive procurement process operates under the direction of the Indiana Department of Administration.

Following implementation of the of the Case Management Innovation changes, individuals\guardians will be given a provider choice list of case management companies from which to choose. The order of the list will be randomized each time it is generated as is the picklist in its current state.

How many case management companies are being selected and why that number? If selected, am I required to hire existing case managers?

All questions/inquiries regarding the RFS must be submitted by the date and time outlined in Section 1.24 Summary of Milestones of the RFS. Questions/Inquiries may be submitted in Attachment G, Q&A Template, via email to rfp@idoa.IN.gov and must be received by the time and date indicated in the RFS.

Will the rate increase?

There will be no change in the rate for case management services at this time, and there will be no change in how case management is funded.

Are cost savings or financial reasons driving this change?

No. BDDS is not transitioning to a 1915(b)(4) Fee for Service waiver and contracted case management structure for financial reasons. There is no cost savings to the state to do so.

How does this affect service plans?

The process of creating and submitting service plans is not impacted by the transition to a 1915(b)(4) Fee for Service waiver and contracted case management structure.

How does this affect incident reports?

Case management companies not selected through the Request for Service process remain responsible for submission and follow-up of incident reports for individuals they support until the individual transitions to a selected provider of case management services.