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TAA Success Stories

Jenny Kriger | Ingalls, IN (Madison County)

Originally from Rochester, N.Y., Jenny had spent nearly two decades with a security company. She stayed with the company when she moved to the north side of the Indianapolis area. She eventually moved into payments and invoice disputes with commercial clients for the security company. However, after the company was acquired by another company, she lost her job in 2019.

As part of her job loss, Jenny was eligible for Trade Adjustment Assistance benefits, learned more about them by meeting with a TAA staff member at the Anderson WorkOne office, and decided to participate in the program. “I was assigned a case worker and once a month I would go to her office,” she said.

Jenny discovered TAA would pay for her to go back to school to earn her bachelor's degree. She worked with her case worker to decide what Jenny wanted to do, what degree she should earn and what college to attend. Read the PDF or watch the video to see Jenny's full story.

David Eli | South Bend, IN (St. Joseph County)

David was separated from Manchester Tank, where he worked as a quality clerk. Upon separation, his case manager worked with Region 2 and an employer to develop an apprenticeship plan for a Safety Manager.

David successfully completed the one-year apprenticeship, obtaining six credentials from Purdue MEP while completing work-based training as the Safety Manager at Marson International, earning $40/hour. David addressed key safety concerns including fire safety and flooding.

He created a safety team that meets regularly and is happy to report the company has not had a work-related OSHA recordable injury for 16+ weeks.

Karl Eliker | Brook, IN (Newton County)

Karl worked at Vector as an extrusion operator when he was laid off and certified for TAA. At separation, Karl had taken some college courses but wanted to finish his education in order to obtain suitable employment.

Karl had a training plan approved and obtained two Associates Degrees at Ivy Tech Community College, one in Industrial Technology and one in Automation Robotics. He also obtained two Technical Certificates in Industrial Electrical and Automation Robotics, as well as three additional certifications.

Upon graduation, Karl secured employment as an industrial machinery mechanic earning $23/hour, which is more than $5/hour higher than his separation wage!

Amber Masterson | Warsaw, IN (Kosciusko County)

In April 2018, Amber was dislocated from United Technologies in Huntington, Indiana where she worked as a Manufacturing Assistant, making $13.20/hour. After her layoff, Amber was determined to advance into a field that was growing and would provide her higher wages in a more sustainable career. Amber co-enrolled into the TAA and WIOA Dislocated Worker programs and applied for training and TRA income support to work toward an Associate’s degree in Advanced Respiratory Therapy.

Amber encountered several barriers and hurdles throughout her training, but with her resolve, she persevered. Not only did Amber complete her Associate’s degree in Respiratory Therapy, but Amber graduated with a 3.8 GPA, earning Magna Cum Laude. She also graduated in the top 25th percentile of her class, earned the distinction of being on the National Board of Respiratory Care Honor Society (Lambda Beta), and has been inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. After graduation, Amber gained employment working as a Respiratory Therapist earning an average of $27.75/hour, more than double her separation wage.

Amber stated that she “couldn't have done this without TAA.” Amber always wanted to go back to school but having a growing family to support was more important. The fact that the company closed turned into a blessing.

Jason Carter | Peru, IN (Miami County)

Jason Carter worked at Schneider Electric as a Production Associate for over 21 years. After his layoff and TAA certification, Jason pursued the TAA program to assist with training to pursue a career in home inspection carpentry.

During his participation, Jason applied and received TAA-funded training, TRA income support, and transportation assistance. Over the next year and a half, Jason successfully completed training and earned certifications and licenses in Radon Measurement Specialist, Radon Mitigation Specialist, Home Inspection, Electrical and Carpentry, and Radon Testing.

Additionally, Jason earned an AAS degree in Building Construction and two technical certificates in Electrical and Carpentry Specialist. While pursuing his AAS degree, Jason started providing home inspections and upon completion of training, Jason has started his own business for Home Inspections and is making nearly $30.00 more an hour than he was prior to his separation.

Beth Reed | Terre Haute, IN (Vigo County)

Beth worked for Sony DADC for over 17 years at the time of layoff. Having been with her employer for so long and earning a competitive wage, Beth knew it was likely she would need to upgrade her skills to find suitable employment. With her TAA case manager’s assistance, Beth decided to pursue training in radiography.

She attended Ivy Tech and earned her Associate of Science in Medical Imaging with an AART certification. Shortly after she completed training, she became reemployed with Union Health as an X-ray Technician, earning less than her position at Sony DADC, so she utilized RTAA benefits for 6 months until her wages exceeded her separation wages. Beth notes that her TAA case managers were her “personal cheerleaders.” She also added, “I can’t say enough about the program. I was very appreciative of it being available to me.”

Beth’s desire to return to school to earn a credential in a new occupation served as an inspiration to her daughter, who, one year after Beth began training, enrolled in the same program as her mother. “TAA also helped guide my daughter to a career in radiology. Five years ago, I would have never thought we would work together.”

Timothy Witherow | South Bend, IN (St. Joseph County)

Tim was separated from Tenneco/Federal Mogul where he had worked as a Foundry Machine Operator. He attended the TAA Orientation and was immediately interested in the training benefit.

Tim had decades of welding experience but no credentials to back it up. A training plan was approved, and Tim attended Ivy Tech Community College and obtained a Technical Certificate in Welding Technology. He maintained straight A’s throughout the duration of his yearlong program.

Upon completion of training, Tim was hired as a Career & Technical Education Instructor at a local high school, where he teaches auto mechanics and welding. Tim’s new employment has him earning $10.00/hour more than separation!

Jimmie Wolf | Chandler, IN (Warrick County)

Jimmie was separated from Pittsburgh Glass Works, where he worked in production as a Team Lead. Jimmie knew he needed to upgrade his skills in order to find suitable employment, so he worked with his case manager to get a training plan approved.

Jimmie went on to complete both a Technical Certificate and Associates Degree in HVAC. He obtained employment as an HVAC Technician, earning $3.00/hour more than separation. Because Jimmie was co-enrolled, he was able to receive WIOA supportive services, which assisted him with the purchase of required tools for his new employment.

Recently, Jimmie reported that he was offered a Heating Fundamentals teaching position at Ivy Tech Community College.

Craig Johnson | Peru, IN (Miami County)

Craig had worked for Schneider Electric for 23 years when he was laid off from his Electrical Assembler job. The layoff left him discouraged and unsure about his future in the workforce.

Craig worked with a TAA case manager to determine a training path that would lead to suitable employment. He successfully completed an Associates Degree at Ivy Tech and became a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

Upon completion of his degree, he was able to utilize the Job Search Allowance benefit, which resulted in him obtaining a Respiratory Therapist position at IU Health Arnett Hospital. He is currently earning 100% of his separation wage and is thankful to be able to serve the community that never gave up on him.

Nato Kobiashvili | Mishawaka, IN (St. Joseph County)

Nato was separated from Harman International, where she worked as a Machine Operator. She had been utilizing her employer’s tuition assistance program and knew she wanted to continue that education.

Nato was approved for TAA training and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business, with a concentration in HR Management from Indiana University South Bend. She was able to obtain employment at Beacon Health prior to graduation, due in large part to her training internship.

Since graduation, Nato has received a promotion and is now working as an HR System Administrator, earning $10/hour more than separation. Nato has expressed her gratitude for TAA’s “monumental role” in the new opportunities in her career.

Vermicki Watts | Evansville, IN (Vanderburgh County)

Vermicki worked with his separating employer, Pittsburgh Glass Works, for almost 10 years as a maintenance supervisor when he was laid off due to plant closure.

He knew he didn’t have the education to obtain reemployment in the maintenance field, so he took the opportunity to apply for and attend TAA approved training. Vermicki attended Ivy Tech Community College and earned an Associates Degree in Advanced Automation and Robotics, while also earning certificates in Industrial Mechanical and Robotics Tech.

With both his maintenance experience and newly obtained credentials, Vermicki was a highly qualified candidate in the labor market. Not long after his graduation, he secured full-time employment in the maintenance field, earning a higher wage than separation.

Chelsea Triplett | Warsaw, IN (Kosciusko County)

Chelsea was employed at Zimmer Biomet as an Accounts Receivable Associate when she was notified of an impending layoff due to outsourcing. Prior to separation, with the help of her case manager, Chelsea decided to apply for TAA training.

Chelsea went on to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/HR, as well as earned her Master’s in Business Administration. The training opened additional employment opportunities for Chelsea, and she obtained new, full-time employment at a local orthopedic company as a Contracts Associate, earning $10/hour more than separation.

Chelsea said, “I would recommend TAA for anyone on the fence about it. It helps you maintain your goals and provides you the support to do so!”

Kathleen Collins | Evansville, IN (Vanderburgh County)

Kathleen was separated from Pittsburgh Glass Works, where she worked as a forklift driver. Upon layoff, Kathy had a desire to better her situation and learn new skills in a more stable field.

With the assistance of TAA, she was able to complete a Certificate in Medical Insurance Billing Office Administration. She continued to work with her case manager after training completion to develop job readiness skills when she was not satisfied with her initial reemployment.

She is now happily employed with U.S. Oncology Network as a Medical Records Specialist. While she is earning slightly less than separation, she applied and was approved for RTAA to assist with the pay difference.

Amber Wilson | Peru, IN (Miami County)

In June 2020, Amber was laid off from her janitorial job at Schneider Electric. Throughout her life, Amber had encountered many barriers to her education and employment goals and recognized the layoff as an opportunity.

Shortly after her separation and prior to enrolling in the TAA program, Amber earned her high school equivalency diploma. Amber knew that she wanted to pursue a high-demand career and decided to pursue a certification in Medical Assisting. Amber applied and received TAA-funded training, TRA income support, and transportation assistance to earn a Technical Certificate in Medical Assisting at Ivy Tech Community College.

Amber graduated in May 2022, and prior to graduating, Amber started a job as a Medical Assistant at Indiana Health Center making over $4.00 more per hour than her separation wage.

Robin McAuley | Indianapolis, IN (Marion County)

Robin McAuley became a client of the Anderson WorkOne office through her dislocation from Johnson Controls, Inc. in Indianapolis, IN. where she had been employed for 20 years in Sales Support and Order Validation Upon her separation, Robin co-enrolled into TAA and WIOA Dislocated Worker programs and pursued training to earn her Master’s degree in Management at Indiana Wesleyan University.

During her participation, she utilized TAA-funded training and TRA income support, and in May 2021, she graduated with a 3.5 overall GPA. While working with her case manager, Robin was referred to a position with DWD and, in May 2022, started her position as a Claims Investigator.

When asked why Robin wanted to join the DWD team, she said, “After being out of work for so long, it was difficult at first to find positions with my Master’s degree. Working for the state of Indiana is a great opportunity and I hope to be able to advance within the department.”

Doug Richardson | Richmond, IN (Wayne County)

Douglas Richardson was laid off in July 2020 from Mosey Manufacturing where he had worked as a Machine Operator for almost 17 years. Doug did not want to go back to factory work because he was getting older and wanted to find something that would be easier on his body and allow him to work until an older age.

After he was certified for TAA, Doug applied and was approved for the training benefit to obtain his Associates degree in Business Administration. In July 2022, he successfully completed his training at Ivy Tech, earning his AS in Business Administration with Magna Cum Laude distinction. Quickly, Doug received a job offer at Green Tokai in Brookville, Ohio for a Buyer/Purchasing Agent position earning almost 35% more than his separation wage.

At his new job, Doug will utilize his manufacturing experience with his newly gained business administration knowledge enabling him to make the leap to an office position. Doug appreciates the opportunity that was offered to him through TAA. He said, “It was pretty simple to use the TAA program. If someone is looking to get into a new field, they should definitely use TAA if they are eligible for it!”

Jesse Roberts | Peru, IN (Miami County)

In June 2020, Jesse was laid off from his janitorial job at Schneider Electric. Jesse has endured many challenges throughout his life and when Jesse was laid off, he did not have a high school diploma or equivalency. At first, Jesse was only focused on getting his HSE, but through comprehensive case management offered by TAA and WIOA Dislocated Worker, Jesse realized this was his opportunity to gain the education he needed to further his goals.

Jesse attended Adult Education courses through Miami County Adult Education and, in four short months, earned his high school equivalency diploma in May 2021. Shortly after completing his HSE, Jesse applied and received TAA-funded training, TRA income support, and transportation assistance to further his education with a Technical Certificate in Machine Tool Technology at Ivy Tech Community College. Jesse continued to overcome several personal challenges, and in May 2022, he graduated with Cum Laude distinction.

Shortly after graduation, Jesse became employed full-time as a Machinist making 100% of his separation wage and with a new high-demand skill set in his area that will benefit him for years to come.

Kimberly Hunsinger | Richmond, IN (Wayne County)

In July 2020, Kimberly was laid off from her position of 10 years as a Corporate Quality Specialist. Post-separation, Kimberly focused on family obligations, and when she was ready to return to the workforce, she engaged with her local WorkOne for TAA and WIOA assistance with her job search.

Through comprehensive case management, the TAA case manager identified Kimberly has a good match for a position with Equus Workforce Solutions. Kimberly’s case manager worked with her to modify her resume to best showcase her skills.

She quickly applied, and within weeks of being enrolled, Kimberly was hired as the Region 6 South Operations Manager. Kimberly began her new career in April 2022, making more than her separation wage. She states that she is happy in her new role, and she loves the people and learning new things!

Grant Adams | Richmond, IN (Wayne County)

Grant was laid off from Richmond Assembly Plant after working there for over four years as a Brusher. Shortly after separation, Grant enrolled into the TAA and WIOA Dislocated Worker programs and decided to go back to school.

Grant applied and received TAA training and TRA income support to attend training for the construction field. In May 2022, Grant completed his Technical Certificates in Industrial Electrical Technology, Electrical Specialist, and Construction Management Specialist. Within a few weeks of completing his training, Grant and a fellow former co-worker (William Hofer) started a construction/remodeling/contractor business together called Simple Life Specialty Service.

Grant said the business is going really well, and he is actually making more money than he ever expected to make. Grant is very thankful for the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to launch his dream career.

William Hofer | Richmond, IN (Wayne County)

In late 2019, William (Bill) Hofer was dislocated from his Inspect/Repair position at Richmond Assembly Plant where he worked for nearly 19 years. With the help of the TAA program, Bill was able to go back to school to earn a degree in HVAC Technology and an Electrical Specialist Certificate.

Although Bill had been out of school for almost 30 years, he completed his training with a 3.96 cumulative GPA. Within a few weeks of completing his training, Bill and a former co-worker (Grant Adams) started a Construction Contractor business together called Simple Life Specialty Service. William stated that they are as busy as can be, and they’ve had a lot of success.

Bill is making more than his separation wages and stated, “The classes and career choice have paid off. Due to the training I received, I know things in the field that others don’t, and it has helped us build trust and respect from our customers and other contractors.” Bill is very thankful for the opportunity that TAA gave him to launch his dream career!

Aaron Warren | Evansville, IN (Vanderburgh County)

In early 2021, Aaron was laid off from PGW where he worked as a manufacturing Team Leader. Aaron always had an interest in fabrication and as a hobby enjoyed working on motorcycles building custom bikes. Through case management, Aaron discovered that getting certifications in welding would be a great opportunity for him to work in the field he enjoyed as a hobby.

Aaron soon started his TAA training at Knight School of Welding in Louisville, KY to pursue eight welding certifications. Throughout his TAA training, Aaron received TRA income support as well as lodging and subsistence to stay in the Louisville area until he successfully completed his training. Aaron enjoyed the area so much that he decided to job search in the Louisville area and utilized TAA relocation benefits to permanently relocate there for his new welding position at Vogt Tube Ice.

Aaron is now reemployed in a field that he truly enjoys and is making over $4.00 per hour more than he was a separation. Aaron stated, “TAA benefitted me in many ways. Now that I am certified in 8 different processes, I can get many different jobs. Now, I no longer must take just any job; the sky is the limit especially when it comes to the potential money and income. I can go anywhere in the United States and get a job.”

Greg Owens | Indianapolis, IN (Marion County)

In January 2020, Greg was separated from Motionwear where he worked as a Production Manager. Greg enrolled into the TAA program to access case management, job seeking services, and the RTAA wage subsidy benefit.

Greg was also identified as a veteran and worked with the local DVOP for his veteran service needs. Upon separation, Greg was quickly reemployed making a little less than his separation wage, qualifying him for RTAA.

Even though Greg had found reemployment, he continued to utilize WorkOne for job search assistance while receiving his RTAA wage subsidy, and he was able to secure full-time employment with LabCorp as a Supervisor making more than his separation wages from Motionwear.

Jamie Sparks | Brownsville, IN (Union County)

Jamie became eligible for the TAA program when she was laid off from a local casket manufacturer. Jamie knew she did not want to go back into manufacturing work, and through the TAA training benefit, Jamie pursued an Associates degree in Business Administration. Jamie graduated with Magna Cum Laude distinctions and also earned certificates in Payroll, QuickBooks, and bookkeeping.

Shortly after completing her training, Jamie used her new skills to join the Equus team at WorkOne as a Career Coach, so she can help other people looking for the same opportunities. Jamie successfully made the switch from factory work to an office setting and is making 120% of her previous wages. Jamie stated, “I wouldn't have gone back to school without the help of the TAA program, and I would most definitely recommend the program to others.”

Todd Peak | Milan, IN (Ripley County)

Todd was an Electric Technician at Deufol Sunman when he was laid off in September 2019. Todd decided it was the best opportunity to make a career change to something he knew he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He applied for the TAA training benefit and attended online courses at Indiana Wesleyan University for Christian Ministries.

Todd encountered many academic challenges throughout his training but, through strength and perseverance, overcame the challenges and went on to graduate at the top of his class with a 3.9 GPA. Todd was quickly ordained, and in February 2022, he became employed with his local church. Todd has expressed gratitude for the TAA program and the support he received while in training, which has allowed him to serve his community.

Kara Frye | Terre Haute, IN (Vigo County)

In April 2018, Kara was laid off from Sony DADC where she worked as a Production Supervisor. Kara worked in a factory setting for 26 years and knew that she needed to do something different. Early on, after Kara started working with her TAA Case Manager, she knew that she wanted to be a TAA case manager to help those who had gone through the same experience.

Through case management, Kara decided that getting an Associate Degree in Business Operations Applications and Technology would give her several different employment opportunities. Throughout her TAA training, Kara received TRA income support until she successfully graduated with a 4.0 GPA and Magna Cum Laude distinction. Kara is now reemployed as a TAA Engagement Case Manager in the Terre Haute WorkOne office and is looking forward to using her experience of going through the TAA Program to assist others.

When asked how TAA helped her, Kara stated, “My whole experience with TAA has been amazing from the day I met with my case manager until the day I graduated from college. I worked in a factory for 26 years and that was one thing I did not want to return to. Every time I would meet with my case manager, I would tell her that the work she was doing was what I wanted to do after I graduated. Look at me now! I was lucky enough to get a job doing just that. I am so excited to be able to help people whose shoes I was in not too long ago.”

Jean-Louis Phillippon | Muncie, IN (Delaware County)

In March of 2019, Jean-Louis was laid off from Foxconn where he worked for five years as a Production Planning Supervisor. Upon his separation, Jean-Louis knew that he wanted to work with computers or in the IT field and capitalized on the opportunity to go back to school through the TAA program.

Through TAA, Jean-Louis attended Ball State University to obtain his Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems. Jean-Louis also utilized TRA income support while in training and, in May 2022, graduated with Cum Laude distinction.

Shortly after graduation, Jean-Louis accepted a new position with DHL Supply Chain in Westerville, Ohio and utilized the TAA relocation allowance benefit to relocate for his new employment, at which he is making $13,000 more annually than his separation wage.

Rebecca McIntosh | Richmond, IN (Wayne County)

In late 2019, Rebecca was laid off from Richmond Assembly Plant where she had worked for 11 years as a Material Handler. Rebecca had always wanted a career in human services, which was driven by her want to help others. Rebecca quickly enrolled in TAA and WIOA Dislocated Worker and applied to receive TAA-funded training and TRA income support.

After being out of school for nearly 30 years, Rebecca persevered and graduated with Cum Laude distinction from Ivy Tech Community College with her Associates degree in Human Services with a certification in Addiction Studies. During Rebecca’s last semester of training, she was offered and accepted a position as a Transitional Care Specialist at Richmond State Hospital where she utilizes her skills to work with individuals with medical and legal barriers, as well as substance abuse issues to teach life skills for coping and daily healthy living.

Rebecca stated that she loves her job and getting to help people in her community. Rebecca stated, “TAA was super easy and ran very smoothly. I would recommend it to others that are TAA eligible.”

Anthony Hershberger | Mishawaka, IN (St. Joseph County)

In December 2020, Anthony (Tony) was separated from Tenneco where he worked as a Piston Inspector. Prior to being certified for TAA, Tony had a high school diploma and most of his employment history was in entry-level manufacturing settings. Tony wanted to pursue a career in skilled trades to increase his opportunities for his future.

Tony soon enrolled into the TAA and WIOA Dislocated Worker programs and pursued training for Machine Tool Technology. Only three months into his training, his Ivy Tech instructors recommended Tony to some employers looking for bright, up and coming students, and he was quickly employed by Complexus Medical as a Swiss Setup Operator where he employs his skills using state-of-the art equipment to produce cutting edge orthopedic and spine instruments and implants.

In July 2021 Tony successfully completed various NIMS certifications and his Technical Certificate with Cum Laude distinction.

David Miller | Indianapolis, IN (Marion County)

In January 2019, David was separated from Johnson Controls where he worked as an Accounting Clerk. After his separation, David quickly engaged with WorkOne and started receiving services through WIOA Dislocated Worker and the TAA program.

Through the comprehensive assessments and case management, David decided to pursue training to further his education in the financial industry. David received TAA training and TRA income support to obtain his Masters degree in Accounting from Indiana University Kelly School of Business. While in training, David also worked full-time to support himself and gain experience in the business and financial industry.

After graduation, David immediately accepted an accounting position making $10.00 more per hour than his separation wage. He is now employed at one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in the world making more than double his separation salary.

Greg Krug | Crawfordsville, IN (Montgomery County)

Greg was an incumbent worker from Voestalpine where he worked for over three years as a System Administrator. When certified for TAA, Greg didn’t have any formal education beyond his high school diploma, and he knew he needed additional training in order to pursue similar positions.

Greg attended My Computer Careers online part time while continuing to work at Voestalpine to earn a Technical Certification in Information Technology Security Administration. Through this short-term program, Greg successfully completed training and earned 8 various networking and security certifications.

These certifications ensured Greg that he would be qualified for IT positions in his area. Within eight weeks after completing training, Greg was offered a position at Bane Welker Equipment as an IT Help Desk Representative, earning $1,000 more per year than what he made previously at Voestalpine.

Judith Waller | Union City, IN (Randolph County)

In September 2019, Judith was dislocated from Richmond Assembly Plant where she had worked as a Production Associate. After nearly 30 years working in a manufacturing environment, she wanted to upgrade her office administration skills to work in a new field. Judith knew that she had to make a career shift and
decided to be co-enrolled into the TAA and WIOA DW programs.

In support of her new career goals, Judith pursued TAA training and TRA benefits to obtain a degree in Business Administration. Judith attended training through distance education and consistently made the Dean’s list. In October 2021, Judith graduated with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and a second Associates degree in Business, Operations, Applications, and Technology with additional certifications in Microsoft Office and HR Management. Armed with her new skills and abilities and because of her experience with the TAA program, Judith wanted to help others in her community gain the same opportunities from WorkOne programs and services.

Shortly after Judith graduated, she applied and accepted employment working at her local WorkOne as a Career Advisor with the WIOA program, making almost $2.00 more than her separation wage. Judith said, “The TAA program was amazing. My case worker kept me encouraged along the way. When it came to finding a job, she was so helpful in giving me job leads and support.”

Barbara Woolever | Logansport, IN (Cass County)

Barbara started with Matthew Warren in October 2018. The following May, she was notified that she was being permanently laid off. Shortly after her
separation, Barbara enrolled into WIOA and began working with a case manager for job search services. Barbara secured a full time job earning less than her separation wage.

Once certified for TAA, Barbara enrolled into the TAA program to receive the RTAA benefit to help subsidize her income while she continued to look for a position with better wages. Through continued case management and job search assistance, Barbara secured a new job with Kesling Home Health Care as an Inventory Clerk earning $2.00 more an hour than her separation wages.

Barbara stated that both of her case managers were extremely helpful and supportive throughout her layoff and re-employment.  She is appreciative of the work our case managers do and grateful for the TAA program.

Kevin Young | Bloomington, IN (Monroe County)

In late 2019, Kevin was separated from his Content Evaluator position at Author Solutions. Shortly after being certified for TAA, Kevin enrolled into the TAA and WIOA programs for assistance with job searching and seeking training opportunities.

Kevin decided to pursue a career in the medical field and accessed TAA-funded training and TRA income support to attend Ivy Tech Community College for the Healthcare Specialist program with concentration in Therapeutic Massage. In May 2022, Kevin successfully completed the Healthcare Specialist Technical Certificate program and Therapeutic Massage Certificate program at Ivy Tech.

Kevin’s clinical professor was impressed with Kevin’s passion for massage therapy and offered him a job at his business, That’s The Rub Massage Therapy Center in Bloomington, IN. Kevin is now employed full-time as a licensed Massage Therapist and is enjoying his new occupation making almost double his separation wage.

Dawn Gatliff | Peru, IN (Miami County)

After 20 years of employment, Dawn was laid off from her laborer position at Schneider Electric. She quickly became enrolled in the TAA and WIOA Dislocated Worker programs and utilized TAA training, TRA income support, and transportation assistance benefits to pursue her degree in Registered Nursing.

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dawn persevered and adapted to the distance education learning style to consistently make the Dean’s list. In May 2022, Dawn graduated with her Associates degree in Nursing with Cum Laude distinction.

Since graduation, Dawn has gained full-time employment at Logansport Memorial Hospital as a Registered Nurse making over $3.00 more per hour than her separation wage.

Equal Opportunity is the Law. (La Igualdad De Oportunidad Es La Ley.)
Equal Opportunity Employer/Program Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.