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Reemployment Service and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA)

Prioritizes the needs of Hoosier claimants who are identified as most likely to exhaust their Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits before returning to meaningful employment.

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What is RESEA

What is RESEA and Why Was I Selected?

  • Hoosiers receiving unemployment insurance benefits must visit their local WorkOne for a review of their work search records and watch an orientation to WorkOne services after their 4th week of benefits.
  • Once selected for an Initial or Subsequent RESEA appointment, claimants are required to participate in all components of the RESEA program to stay eligible for unemployment benefits. Failure to participate without good cause will likely result in disruption of UI benefits.
  • You are responsible for keeping a log of your weekly work search activities for six months after the work search activity occurred and may be required to produce that log at any time to DWD.
  • If your record of work search activities cannot be readily verified by DWD when requested, weekly benefits could be withheld, and you will be required to pay back any benefits received for any weeks in which your work search activities cannot be verified. If you fail to comply, you risk losing your unemployment insurance benefits.

RESEA Participants

Who Must Participate in RESEA?

All Hoosier claimants selected for RESEA must participate unless they meet one of the following eligibility reasons:

  • Enrolled in training approved by DWD (whether or not the training is paid for by DWD)
  • Specific Return to Work (RTW) date within 60 days from the date you last worked;
  • Member in good standing of a DWD-authorized union hiring hall; or
  • Moved out of the State of Indiana

Claimants must enter all requested information regarding training, return to full-time work dates, or union hiring hall membership when asked on their UI claim. Please be prepared to provide all of the employment information to the RESEA coach during the waiver eligibility process. Failure to provide the requested information will result in denial of RESEA waiver eligibility and in the requirement to participate in full with all RESEA requirements.

As part of RESEA participation, claimants meet one-on-one (1:1) with RESEA Coaches to:

  • Identify any skills or training gaps which might prevent a quicker return to meaningful fulltime work,
  • Create a plan of work search activities based on claimant-specific needs to help them reach employment goals,
  • Connect with WorkOne services to help with return to full-time work quickly, and/or
  • Introduce to other WorkOne partners who can help with eligibility for possible short-term training or certification that can lead to better job opportunities

All claimants must:

  • Regularly check the personal email account attached to their UI claim for updates and other important notifications which could potentially impact your UI eligibility.

RESEA Work Search Requirements

Effective April 24, 2024, all Hoosier claimants are required by law to keep records of their work search activities for 6 months after the work search activity occurred and produce that log upon request to DWD.

  • If your record of work search activities cannot be readily verified by DWD when requested, weekly benefits could be withheld, and you will be required to pay back any benefits received for any weeks in which your work search activities cannot be verified.
  • If you fail to comply, you risk losing your unemployment insurance benefits.

All RESEA participants must be: Able, Available, and Actively Seeking Work in order to maintain UI eligibility. Failure to participate in any scheduled RESEA activity or complete any assignment in full may result in a denial/delay of your UI benefits.


Q1: What is RESEA?

A1: RESEA stands for Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment. The RESEA program:

  • Is delivered through the WorkOne offices; and
  • Provides information on WorkOne services that can help you return to full-time work faster.

If you are selected for RESEA, you must participate in all appointments and activities. If you do not participate in all appointments and activities, your unemployment benefits will stop.

Q2: How does RESEA help me?

A2: WorkOne RESEA coaches meet 1:1 with RESEA participants to:

  • Help you identify what skills or training gaps might prevent you from getting the job you want;
  • Create a plan of work search activities based on your specific needs to help you reach your employment goals;
  • Connect you with WorkOne services to help you quickly return to full-time work; and/or
  • Introduce you to other WorkOne partners who can help with eligibility for possible short-term training or certification that can lead to better job opportunities.

Q3: Who is selected for RESEA?

A3: Hoosier claimants who have filed their 4th week of unemployment benefits and are not eligible for a waiver from RESEA participation. See A5 below to learn who is not selected for RESEA.

Q4: How will I be told that I have been selected to participate in RESEA?

A4: A notification packet will be sent to the mailing address listed in your account or by email to the email address you used for your unemployment claim. Your notification packet includes:

  • A letter with the time, date, and location of your meeting;
  • What to bring with you to the meeting;
  • Assignments to complete and bring to your meeting; and
  • How to ask for language assistance (interpreter/translator) or other specific needs or access.

Immediately contact the RESEA coach at the email address at the bottom of your Notification letter BEFORE YOUR MEETING DATE if:

  • You cannot attend the meeting at the place and time shown on the letter to discuss rescheduling options; or
  • You think you should not have been selected to participate in RESEA and want to discuss waiving the requirement to attend. See A5 below to learn who is not selected for RESEA.

NOTE: The email must have a time and date stamp before your scheduled meeting time to be considered a timely request.

Q5: Who is not selected for RESEA?

A5: Claimants who correctly file for UI benefits and meet one of the following waiver reasons may not have to participate in RESEA:

  • You are enrolled in training approved by DWD (whether or not the training is paid for by DWD);
  • You have permanently moved out of state;
  • You are job-attached and have a return-to-work date within 60 days from the last day you worked for that employer;
  • You use a job placement service as defined by UI department (this does not include temporary agencies); or
  • You are a member in good standing of a DWD-authorized union hiring hall.

Enter correct information about training, return to full-time work date dates, or union hiring hall membership when you are filing your claim and vouchers.

Q6: I have a return-to-work date, but it is more than 60 days after my most recent separation date. Will I be selected for RESEA?

A6: Yes, you may be selected for RESEA. Please plan to participate.

Q7: Do I need to attend the RESEA meeting if I am working part-time or will be starting a part-time job?

A7: If you are still filing for UI benefits, please plan to attend. You can request to reschedule your appointment so that it does not interfere with your part-time job.

Q8: Do I need to participate in the RESEA meeting if I am working full-time or will be starting a full-time job?

A8: Congratulations on returning to a full-time job! Contact the RESEA coach listed in your letter by email before your scheduled meeting time and explain your circumstances to them. You may not have to attend RESEA if:

  • You have already started the full-time job; or
  • You are job-attached and have a return-to-work date within 60 days from the last day you worked for that employer.

Q9: What should I do if I was selected for RESEA but don’t think I should have been?

A9: Email the WorkOne RESEA coach on your notification letter before your meeting date and explain your circumstances to them. Provide all your employment information to the RESEA coach. They will let you know if you need to attend RESEA. You will not need to attend RESEA if you meet one of the categories listed in A5 above.

Q10: What should I do if I cannot attend the meeting I was scheduled for? Can I reschedule my meeting?

A10: You can request to reschedule your meeting one time. Immediately email the WorkOne RESEA coach listed in your RESEA notification letter and explain your circumstances to them. It is very important to contact them before your scheduled RESEA meeting. The email will provide a time and date stamp of your attempt to contact someone before your scheduled meeting, which may help you remain eligible for UI.

If you miss your meeting and contact your RESEA coach afterwards, your unemployment insurance benefits will be stopped until you participate. You may be able to reschedule your meeting if you have a scheduling conflict because:

  • You are working part-time,
  • You have a job interview, or
  • You have a hard to schedule doctor’s appointment.

When you contact the RESEA Coach to request a reschedule, be prepared to tell them why you need to reschedule and when you are available to meet.

Q11: What is Indiana Career Connect and what does it have to do with RESEA?

A11: Indiana Career Connect (ICC) is the case management system WorkOne RESEA staff use for case management of your WorkOne activities.

  • When you file an unemployment claim, an account is automatically created for you in ICC if you do not already have an ICC account. (You may need to update your old username to your email address used for your UI claim.)
  • The account is created using the information you provided when you filed your unemployment claim.
  • You will use ICC to create a resume that is set to be visible to employers and to search for work.
  • To log into, use the same username and password that you use for your unemployment claim.

As mentioned above, you should use ICC to create a resume that can be searched by employers. You should also use ICC to search for work using the job listings found in the ICC database. A virtual recruiter can also be set up to help you match your ICC resume to ICC job listings and notify you by text or email.

Q12: Where will my RESEA appointment be held?

A12: Your meeting will be at the WorkOne location you chose when you registered for an account to file for unemployment benefits.

Q13 How long will the meeting take?

A13: It is difficult to provide an exact end time for your Initial RESEA events, but you can help by coming fully prepared. If you need help completing any assignments, please contact your coach before your meeting day. Otherwise, there will be a delay between your Orientation and your one-on-one (1:1) Initial Assessment Interview until after your assignments are completed.

Q14: What can I expect at the first meeting?

A14: You will:

  • Verify your identify using your valid state or federal picture ID;
  • Preview your pre-Orientation assignments;
  • Watch an Orientation recording and then wait for your 1:1 Initial RESEA Interview with a RESEA Coach.
  • The 1:1 Interview will take place in a semi-private setting at the WorkOne. Please be prepared to discuss:
  • Your job search plan,
  • Your work search efforts,
  • The resume you entered in Indiana Career Connect, and
  • Any potential barriers you are facing as you look for a job:
    • Food, clothing, shelter, past legal issues, transportation, or other needs. You will be referred to resources to assist with these barriers.
    • Need for High School Equivalency diploma or other certification. You will be referred to resources to assist with this barrier.

You will be told about available WorkOne services, programs, training opportunities, and upcoming job fairs.

You will also discuss assignments that you will need to complete before your next meeting and sign an Individual Reemployment Plan (IRP) of next steps and assignments due by your next 1:1 meeting.

Q15: How do I request interpretive services?

A15: Immediately after receiving your Initial RESEA notification letter, follow the instructions on the translated Babel Notice provided in the Notification packet. When contacting WorkOne, let them know you need translation/interpretation assistance. You can request a phone interpreter to discuss your language needs or email the office to use a virtual translation tool such as Google Translate to set up a meeting with a state provided interpreter. Your meeting will be rescheduled to allow time to schedule an interpreter and arrange for translation of the RESEA materials in your preferred language. An interpreter will be available for your meetings upon request at no charge to you. You will also need to request an interpreter if you are scheduled for a sub RESEA meeting.

Q16: Who can I contact to ask questions about RESEA?

A16: Please email the RESEA Coach listed on your Initial RESEA letter. An email allows us to have a time and date stamp of your correspondence.

Q17: What do I need to do before the meeting and what do I need to bring to the meeting?

A17: Complete your registration in Indiana Career Connect (ICC) using the instructions you received in your notification packet, and:

  • Complete or update your ICC resume;
  • Complete the 4 weeks of Work Search logs and bring a copy;
  • Complete the Reemployment Services Self-Assessment; and
  • Bring your valid state or federal picture ID.

If you are a Veteran, bring a copy of your DD-214 Member Copy 4.

Q18: What happens if I do not participate in the scheduled meeting and did not reschedule before my original meeting time?

A18: Your weekly unemployment benefit payments will stop until after you have participated in the meeting. Benefit payments will begin again after you have attended the meeting. You will not be paid for the weeks in between. For example, if you were scheduled for a meeting at 10 a.m. on 11/17/2023 and did not attend nor reschedule before 10 a.m. on 11/17/2023 your benefits will stop. You then contact WorkOne and reschedule for 11/28/2023. You will not be paid benefits for weeks ending 11/18/2023 or 11/26/2023. You will be paid for week ending 12/02/2023 since you participated that week.

Q19: I did not participate in my meeting and my benefits are now denied. What should I do?

A19: Email your WorkOne RESEA Coach as soon as possible at the email address on your RESEA letter to reschedule your meeting. The email will provide a time and date stamp for your contact attempt.

  • If you disagree with the denial of benefits, follow the instructions on the unemployment determination notice to file an appeal by the deadline.

Q20: How long will it take to lift the suspension after I participate in a meeting that I had missed?

A20: Your suspension should be lifted within a week after you have participated.

Q21: Can I schedule my own RESEA meeting instead of having it scheduled for me?

A21: Currently, Indiana does not have the ability to self-schedule RESEA meetings.

Q22: Can I do any of the RESEA process somewhere other than a WorkOne (such as virtually)?

A22: Please contact your RESEA coach to discuss your circumstances.

Q23: Can you fix other issues with my UI claim when I attend my meeting?

A24: No, but you can contact DWD’s Benefit Call Center at 1-800-891-6499 for assistance.

Q24: Does attending a RESEA appointment count as a work search activity?

A24: Yes

RESEA Success Stories

Indiana’s RESEA program provides individualized reemployment services designed to assist participants with an earlier return to work. Here are a few success stories from participants around the State:

Region 1 | Northwest

A RESEA participant was 55+ and struggling to find work.  The RESEA Coach referred her to our SCSEP partner.  Our SCSEP partner placed her with us to train and learn new skills.  She now works at our front desk in the LaPorte office greeting RESEA participants as they walk in, helping them check in on the VOS greeter, answering phones and connecting them with resources.  She also helps start the orientation video on days she works the morning shift.  We have found SCSEP to be very helpful as we are limited to hiring staff.

Region 2 | Northern

During an Initial Interview, a RESEA participant mentioned that he had a great job as a loader for the city prior to his most recent employment. He had his CDL A permit but lost the job due to lack of available appointments to test for his CDL A license. The claimant began his CDL training on 11/13/23 and successfully obtained his CDL A credential on 12/20/2023. After some resume assistance, our RESEA participant began his new career earning $20.00 per hour full time as a truck driver on 2/11/2024!

Region 3 | Northeast

One of the REG03 RESEA Coaches was a RESEA participant. She often shares her RESEA experiences with her participants who tend to open up when they learn her RESEA success story.  She shares that her personal reemployment journey success is in part due to her RESEA coach who was inspiring, upbeat, and established a feeling of belonging.

Region 4 | West Central

Being a cheerleader is a big part of our job as a RESEA Coach.  A discouraged RESEA participant received few interviews despite aggressively applying for work. The RESEA coach reviewed her resume and scheduled her for a Resume workshop. Weekly contact provided opportunities for encouragement, additional resume coaching and sharing lists of current Business Services Job Postings. She continued to update her ICC Skills and completed both Career Interest and Interview Workshops. Thanks to her RESEA participation, she landed a job as a senior research analyst for a medical college which pays double her previous salary and pays for her children’s tuition as well.

Region 5 | Central

During the Initial RESEA Interview 1:1, a RESEA participant expressed interest in the Talent Advising field.  This participant had several years of employment in the staffing industry prior to being laid off from their most recent position.  As a result of RESEA participation, she attended an interviewing workshop and received resume assistance.  When an opening for an Adult/Dislocated Worker Career Advisor position was posted in the Hendricks County WorkOne, this participant was immediately identified as a potential candidate.  This RESEA participant began her new position at the Hendricks County WorkOne office in January 2024 and is now assisting other RESEA participants with their career search/needs.

Region 6 | Eastern

Some RESEA success stories are brought to our attention thanks to a grateful RESEA participant’s feedback:

"I would like to share my experience with my Muncie RESEA Coach. My coach always made me feel positive, encouraged me. She helped with printing out documents for my job interviews and reassured me that I was very employable. She believed in me. She offered community resource information for food pantries, utility assistance and 211. I went through the same program in 2018 but my experience was very different with another coach.. I’m very grateful she was as helpful and caring as she was!"

This RESEA participant was able to get a job as a special needs assistant at a county school where she wanted to be with her kids- basically her dream job as a result of her participation in RESEA and extra RESEA coaching.

Region 7 | Western

A RESEA participant with a past involvement in the criminal justice system and no clear career path shared his story during his Initial Interview.  His employment history was filled with survival jobs that limited his personal success. He stated he enjoyed factory work but he had several barriers to overcome including his history and lack of a High School Equivalency (HSE) Diploma. The coach called the Adult Education case manager to start the process for HSE classes and referred him to the local office HIRE Representative to assist with his legal issues. By his RESEA Follow Up meeting he was enrolled in HSE certification classes which he completed by his SUB RESEA meeting.  His RESEA participation helped him land a Union job at a factory he had wanted to work at for a long time but could not apply to because he never had his HSE. He stated if it was not for the encouragement and skills learned through RESEA he would still be barely surviving instead of on a really good path for success.

Region 8  | South Central

Region 8 tries to utilize all programs to positively impact our job seekers. A RESEA participant expressed an interest in transitioning to a career in HVAC but needed additional training assistance. The RESEA Coach scheduled the participant with a WIOA Case Manager. He obtained his credential and is currently working on obtaining fulltime employment utilizing his newly obtained credential.

Region 9 | Southeast

A RESEA participant broke down during her Follow Up 1:1 because she did not want to go back to a factory but nowhere else paid what she needed. Her resume reflected caregiver experience and office skills. She had a good work history, a great personality, and a desire to succeed. We discussed potential opportunities with a healthcare management company I was familiar with  does and what sets them apart. I referred her to a WIOA case manager for training assistance and called the owner of the healthcare company and referred the RESEA participant for an interview. The participant was hired and she was enrolled into the CCMA training. She has already been promoted and has taken over scheduling for the company.  The owner and my RESEA participant are both happy she did not have to go back to a factory, PLUS she is receiving free training to help her continue to grow her career.

Region 10 | Southern

A RESEA participant has been interested in getting his CDL but was previously told that he did not qualify for any training assistance. Upon layoff, his company advised him that he needed to get his CDL or he would not be able to return to work. The RESEA Coordinator referred the RESEA participant to a Career Coach (CC). He is now working with the CC and is enrolled in CDL school. He will be able to return to work once he has completed his training.

Region 11 | Southwest

A RESEA participant in Region 11 attended orientation on May 1, 2023. After completing job search workshops and utilizing TORQ, this participant gained employment on July 31, 2023, as a video editor/colorist making $42.00 an hour. He completed assigned tasks timely, submitted required paperwork, and attended all appointments. He said TORQ allowed him to see that his current employment skills would transfer over to his new career. This RESEA participant plans to build his own network of freelance work across the country as the demand for his services is limited in this area.

Region 12 | Marion County

A RESEA participant was recently hired by the region to be a RESEA Coach.  Sharing her personal experiences will help encourage other participants.

Equal Opportunity is the Law. (La Igualdad De Oportunidad Es La Ley.)
Equal Opportunity Employer/Program Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.