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Accurate and Honest Reporting

Claimants have a responsibility to accurately report work and earnings as well as other types of payments they may receive. To ensure that benefits are paid to claimants who are eligible, DWD routinely audits claims for Unemployment Insurance benefits. Claimants must pay close attention to other reporting requirements as well, to prevent being overpaid. Refer to the Claimant Handbook (in multiple languages) found on the main Unemployment page for complete details on all eligibility requirements. Use the links below for details on reporting accurately.

To ensure prompt and accurate payments

  1. Look for work as directed by your local WorkOne Career Center.
  2. File an appeal on time.
  3. Respond to a request for information.
  4. Providing accurate and complete information.
  5. Notify us of your new address.
  6. Accept a suitable job.
  7. Call your WorkOne Career Center or the Helpline with questions.
  8. Make sure you appear at an appeal hearing. Failure to attend could cost you your appeal and your benefits.
  9. Be available for work.
  10. Report your work and earnings when earned, not when you get paid.
  11. Report the gross amount earned including tips, not the net amount after deductions for taxes, etc.
  12. Report the value of payment for work that is not cash; room and board, loan repayments, "working off a bill." Other payments in kind may be deductible.
  13. Keep a record of your work, and keep this record even after you quit claiming benefits. You may be audited.

Work Search

  • Unless you have been granted a work search waiver, you must seek work at different businesses each week. If you fail to seek work, you will not get paid.
  • Keep a record of your job contacts.
  • Unemployment Insurance Claims Specialists routinely check work search.
  • Complete job applications and talk to someone at the business that is involved in hiring whenever possible. Visit this page to learn more about work search.

Vacation, Severance, Wages in Lieu of Notice, Holiday Pay, Disability Pay

These types of payments can affect your Unemployment Insurance benefits. Report promptly to your WorkOne Center what you received or will receive.

  • If possible, have your pay stub with you when you file your claim, to show your payment for the week.


  • A portion of these monthly payments may affect your weekly Unemployment Insurance benefits. Tell your WorkOne Career Center immediately if you apply for, are receiving, or start receiving a pension.

Availability and Ability to Work

Illness, injury, leaving the area, lack of childcare, lack of transportation, and incarceration are a few things that may affect your eligibility for Unemployment Insurance benefits. Report promptly to your WorkOne Career Center any situation that prevents you from looking for or taking work.

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