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Request For Wage Transcripts

Effective March 6, 2017, all employment or wage history information requested for the purpose of social service eligibility qualification will be sent directly to the agency requiring the information. Wage and employment history will be released to the third party only via the DWD Last Known Employer (LKE) website after submitting a completed copy of the approved Release of Information form. Social Service organizations requesting employment history on behalf of a citizen in compliance with IC 4-1-6-2(13)(B) may apply for an account by visiting this page. Third parties should email with questions about using LKE.

If Misc-Form 1099 or unemployment insurance benefit record information is needed, applicants who have had an Indiana unemployment claim can obtain this information and print records from the DWD Claimant Self Service (CSS) website. CSS support can be reached by calling 800-891-6499.

*Please Note- Non-DWD forms will not be completed by agency staff.

Wage and employment history information available via IDWD employer Unemployment Insurance Tax records:

  • If complete wage and/or employment history records are needed, we recommend contacting the Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, or Indiana Department of Revenue.
  • DWD employer tax records do not include wages earned in other states or U.S. territories, income earned which was or will be reported on a 1099-Misc Form (self-employment, contract employment, etc), or income earned through the performance of non-covered or excluded services described in IC 22-4-8.
  • Employers report wages to DWD quarterly one calendar month after the end of the calendar quarter. The information DWD has available is employer, not employee, records for the purposes of assessing an employer’s Unemployment Insurance Tax which is often not an accurate reflection of an individual’s complete income or employment history.

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