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Training Providers

An Eligible Training Provider is an entity that provides a program of training services and has been determined eligible to receive Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I-B funding for training services through an Individual Training Account. These providers and programs will be included on Indiana's Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). The provider must be open to the public and one of the following types of entities:

  1. Institutions of higher education that provide a program which leads to a recognized post-secondary credential; or
  2. Entities that carry out programs registered under the National Apprenticeship Act (29 U.S.C. 50 et seq.); or
  3. Other public or private providers of training services, which may include:
    • Community-based organizations;
    • Joint labor-management organizations; and
    • Eligible providers of adult education and literacy activities under Title II of WIOA if such activities are provided in combination with training services described at §680.350 of the WIOA regulations.
  • How to Become an INTraining Training Provider

    INTraining and ETPL Policy

    Initial Application:

    Training providers must submit both a provider and a program application(s) through the INTraining portal (intraining.dwd.in.gov)

    After creating an INTraining Portal user account (linked to Access Indiana account) the following steps must be completed:

    1. Provider location application (if the location has already been approved and a program is being added, proceed to step 2)

    • Each location offering training that is seeking WIOA Title I-B funding must have an individual application completed.
    • Complete a provider location application. This will require information about the provider, such as the type of entity.
    • The review and approval period for the program application will take up to 30 days.
    • Select the “Add Location”  link  under the Provider locations section of the dashboard
    • Fill out the application, and once complete select "Submit Application"

    2. Program Application

    • A program application must be completed for each program the provider seeks to have included on the INTraining list and/or ETPL.
    • The application will require program level information, including the submission of the program curriculum.
    • The review and approval period for the program application will take up to 10 business days.
    • Select the “Add program” link under the Programs section
    • Fill out the program application, and once complete select "Submit Program Application"

    Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) Determination:

    Upon satisfactory submission and approval of a program and application, the program(s) will appear on the INTraining website. The provider will receive a notification indicating the applications, and data (if applicable) will undergo further review to determine whether the program(s) is eligible to receive WIOA Title I-B funding, and therefore included on the ETPL.

    Federal Data Reporting:

    Training providers must report student-level data for every INTraining approved program to DWD/INTraining for ALL students (regardless of funding source). Data is to be reported on any student, regardless of funding source, that enrolls and starts in the associated program.

    Where US DOL Registered Apprenticeship providers are not required to submit student level data, it is encouraged, so potential students may make a more informed decision about the performance of the program.

    Data reporting is open during the program year, and from July 1st to July 31st of the new program year. Program data should be reported after each cohort.Program data MUST be submitted by July 31st. Any program that does not submit data by the END OF DAY on July 31st will be placed in a Pending Data status on August 1st, and program funding will be suspended for 6 months.

    Annual Application Review:

    All providers on the INTraining website must update all information, including required student-level data, on an annual basis. The provider will receive a notification for the deadline for submission of the updated information and data. Upon submission, the updated program information will be reviewed, and eligibility will again be determined for the program to be included on the INTraining website and the ETPL.

    Conditions for Removal:

    A provider or program may be removed from INTraining and the ETPL for failure to submit updated program information and/or required student level data for continued eligibility or for failure to attain or retain required accreditation for professional licensure. If removed for the above reasons, the provider may re-apply as soon as the issue has been rectified.

    A provider or program shall be removed from INTraining and the ETPL if the provider intentionally supplies inaccurate information, misrepresents costs or services, substantially violates the law or regulations under WIOA, or when the provider has been barred by the federal government to receive federal funds. If the provider is removed for these reasons, the provider must wait no less than two (2) years before re-applying.

    If a training provider and/or program is removed from the list while WIOA participants are enrolled, the participants may complete the program unless the provider or program has lost state licensure, certification or authorization to operate by the appropriate state oversight agency.


    A provider has the right to appeal denial of program inclusion on INTraining or ETPL during initial eligibility (terminated applications are not subject to appeals) or subsequent removal of the program from INTraining or the ETPL for failure to submit or deficient updated program information/data during continued eligibility. A provider may also appeal DWD's decision to remove a program from the list for failure to attain or retain required accreditation for professional licensure, intentionally supplying inaccurate information, misrepresenting costs or services, substantially violating the law or regulations under WIOA, or when the provider has been barred by the federal government to receive federal funds.

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