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Career Coaching - Professional Development

Welcome to the Professional Development page!

This page organizes professional development materials and events for Career Coaches to use and attend.


An insightful look at breaking down the silos between noncredit and credit programs. Panelists discuss how they developed in-demand pathways that intentionally align noncredit and credit programs. This holistic approach offers accessible pathways for all learners that lead to market-valued credentials and degree completion.

The role of the high school counselor/career navigator/college counselor has changed as schools and institutions have adopted career pathways. Panelists from secondary and postsecondary perspectives describe their changing roles and responsibilities in this environment, including collaborating with workforce faculty and how it benefits their students and other stakeholders.

Integrated education and training (IET) programs combine occupational skills training with basic and academic skills instruction to expedite the education and career advancement of learners. In this webinar panelists discuss strategies for developing employer-education partnerships that get results through IETs.

(Last updated: 07/01/2022)


The Rework America Alliance is developing high quality, virtual foundational skills training for career coaches based on the training Markle’s Skillful initiative has been delivering in several states.

This program will help coaches provide better insights and support for job seekers, by establishing core coaching competencies with a focus on providing more skills-based, human-centered, and equity-driven career guidance.

Go to and use the new Indiana Career Explorer to see how your career interests, Agilities and work values can help you consider industries and careers that need your talents.  INCE is your free career and education planning tool and can support you through all steps in mapping out your goals.

The Foundational Career Coach Skills Training, developed by the Rework America Alliance, provides new tactics, tools, and job market insights for career coaching. The program teaches a skills-based, human-centered, equity-driven approach to creating deeper relationships and better understanding between career coaches and clients, which can lead to more successful outcomes and longer-term success for the job seeker.

The robust online course covers a wide range of topics relevant to helping job seekers in today’s economy, including, how to use new data sources available to career coaches, how to identify barriers and biases job seekers may be facing during their job search, and how skills-based practices can help highlight their value to employers.  Developed for career coaching professionals and others that provide job guidance as part of their role, and drawing on input from numerous subject matter experts, learners will gain new skills that can immediately be applied to their work.

The Foundational Career Coach Skills Training is based on work initially developed through Markle’s Skillful initiative and expanded through working with partners including: Lightcast, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE), McKinsey & Company, Ripp Leadership, SkillRise, and Third Space Action Lab.

To request a free enrollment code, please contact .

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