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Workforce Development

Workforce Development

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development is the state’s
employment and reemployment agency. DWD’s focus is to:

Animated image depicting the themes of talent development, skills training, and unemployment.

Need training for your employees?

How do you compare with other businesses in your area?

Do you want to connect with local talent?

Did You Know?

  • The DWD Central Office staff is located at the Government Center in Indianapolis.
  • Twelve Regions are led by Local Workforce Development Boards.
    • These boards oversee regional operations and set policies.
  • The 12 Regions oversee over 70 WorkOne centers across the state.
    • Not all WorkOnes offer the same programs – they are intentionally localized.
  • On the unemployment insurance side, Indiana is recognized as one of the fastest states in in the nation in processing unemployment claims.
    • Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the Indiana unemployment rate has seen record lows over the previous couple of years.

Train your employees

Some Hoosiers have barriers to employment. They need to gain or upgrade their skills or get a certification or credential so that they can get a job or prepare for one. WorkOnes have special programs designed to assist Hoosiers. There are programs for youth, veterans, senior citizens, migrants, adult education learners, ex-offenders, educators and employers. Every Hoosier can benefit from the Department of Workforce Development’s services.

DWD administers various grants such as the Workforce Ready Grant and Employer Training Grant through NextLevel Jobs, and also offers free training resources that enable Hoosiers to enhance their skills through either in-person training experiences or online training courses. These programs and others give the state’s workforce the opportunity to skill up!

Graphic depicting aspects of training: coaching, teaching, knowledge, development, learn, experience, and skills.

Office for Career & Technical Schools logo

OCTS (Office for Career and Technical Schools) is the administrative arm of the DWD responsible for regulating non-credit bearing, non-degree granting postsecondary proprietary schools. Learn more here!

Hiring and retaining talent based on skills

Logo of the Rework America Alliance,a markle Inititiative that goes to the website.

Markle’s Rework America initiative seeks to transform America’s outdated labor market so that all Americans have opportunities to thrive in the digital economy. The Rework America Alliance is working with leading employers and advocacy and civic organizations to help displaced workers, particularly those of color, move into quality, in-demand jobs as the economy rebounds so that we can create a more equitable recovery. Empowering employers to increase diversity, improve hiring, and establish an economy that works for all. Employer toolkit:

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Know where you stand

Hoosiers by the Numbers is your source. Data is drilled down to the local level to help understand the profiles of the workforce and needs in that area so we know what programs will aid both workers and employers.

Screenshot of the Talent Snapshot tool on Hoosiers by the Numbers

Access the image above to view the Talent Snapshot tool!

Logo of Hoosiers by the Numbers

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Connect with local talent

Indiana Career Connect (ICC) is DWD’s case management system used by career counselors to help connect their customers to employment opportunities. ICC also is where Hoosiers go digitally to find jobs. Every Hoosier that files for unemployment assistance uses ICC to aid them in their career search.

Indiana Career Connect Logo

The Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation is designed to address the shortage facing the construction industry. The program’s main goal is to access and empower individuals to pursue a career in construction that will lead to more sustainable workforce.

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Success Stories

Employer Training Grant
William J. Ciriello Plumbing Co. Inc.

Ciriello Plumbing prefers to hire and train its own plumbers instead of bringing aboard those already licensed. So it has used the Employer Training Grant to help grow the company during the skilled labor shortage.

Ciriello Plumbing has trained three apprentices and has plans to use it for two more. Plumbing apprentices attend school one night a week for four years to become licensed.

The Employer Training Grant reimburses companies for employee training costs by providing $5,000 per employee up to $50,000 for training costs.

Headshot of Laura Ciriello-Benedict

Laura Ciriello-Benedict
- President

Jeffrey Tabb

Jeffrey Tabb spent 14 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving his country both home and abroad part of that time as a combat infantryman.

But he fell on hard times after he chose to quit his hotel security job to pursue a dream of helping veterans through a podcast he had hoped to develop. Tabb also launched a project to promote physical wellness to veterans through boxing lessons. He eventually found himself homeless after neither venture panned out.

Tabb, after approaching a friend for help with the not-for-profit American Veteran Services Corp., was referred a WorkOne center. Through programs aimed at helping veterans, Tabb landed a job at the Franklin WorkOne as a Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program specialist.

WorkOne American Job Center Indiana Logo

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Equal Opportunity is the Law. (La Igualdad De Oportunidad Es La Ley.)
Equal Opportunity Employer/Program Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.