Using SIDES E-Response in Indiana

When a claim is filed, IDWD will send an email requesting you login to SIDES E-Response.  The email will have a link to the SIDES E-Response website embedded for easy access.  Choose the exchange you wish to access to either submit a response or obtain information.  Click here to see an example of the email you will receive.

Note: IDWD employer accounts receiving notification of at least one UI claim per month can access SIDES E-Response any time by navigating to


IDWD has implemented two SIDES exchanges for the Indiana SIDES E-Response Program.

  • Separation Information exchange
  • Monetary and Potential Charges exchange, also referred to as ‘Wages Reported and Possible Charges’ on the website

Separation Information (SI) Exchange:

Employers use the SI exchange to:

  • Protest a claim for unemployment benefits, and therefore benefit charging, by providing facts about the separation.
  • Provide details regarding post-employment monetary distributions such as vacation time, sick time, holiday pay, severance package, 401K, or other pension funds paid upon or after separation.
  • Inform IDWD when claimants are either temporarily or permanently laid off in order to release benefits as soon as possible to claimants unemployed due to no fault of their own. 

How to submit a response to a request for separation information:

After accessing the SIDES E-Response website via the link embedded in the email notification, toggle the radio button for “Separation Information”, enter your credentials, select the claimant by clicking on “Create Response”, provide the requested information as you advance through the screens, attach documentation if desired, and submit the response.  A receipt confirmation will be provided as verification the response was received and a pdf of the information submitted will become available for your records. 


Please always provide a response to a request for separation information. 

Note: Records are permanently deleted after 35 days.

Click here for a PDF of the Separation Information User Guide.


Monetary and Potential Charging (MPC) exchange, also referred to as “Wages Reported and Possible Charges”:

**Accessing this exchange is optional, and is for informational purposes only in Indiana**

This exchange is used by IDWD to serve as an electronic copy of the State Form 52984, the Separating/Base Period Employer Notice.  The following claim information is now also available only to employers using SIDES!

  • Amount of the employer’s maximum charging liability for the claim.
  • The claimant’s weekly benefit amount.
  • Amount of claimant’s wages reported by the employer in the base period of the claim.

After accessing the SIDES E-Response website via the link embedded in the email notification, toggle the radio button for “Wages Reported and Possible Charges”, enter your credentials, click on the “View/Print” pdf icon next to the claimant’s name, and download a copy for your records. 


PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A RESPONSE using this exchange.  The sole purpose of the  MPC/Wages Reported and Possible Charges exchange in Indiana is to provide employers claim liability information via the pdf available.  Responses submitted via this exchange are not routed to IDWD Adjudication or Tax Departments.


Note:  Records are permanently deleted after 35 days.

The User Guide available for this exchange on the SIDES E-Response website is not an accurate reference tool in Indiana. 


Other SIDES exchanges & IDWD:

The Determinations and Decisions, Earnings Verification, and Benefit Charges exchanges have not been implemented in Indiana at this time.  You will continue to receive these types of correspondences via the USPS.  However, current IT development efforts are underway to build upon current SIDES E-Response functionality!