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Business Tax Forms

Name State Form NumberDescription File Type
BC-100 52038 Indiana Business Closure Request
*This can now be done directly via INTIME.
fill-in pdf
INBiz  Online Application to register with Indiana for sales tax, withholding tax, food & beverage tax, county innkeeper tax, motor vehicle rental excise tax, and gasoline use tax (GUT). N/A
BT-1  Business Tax Application fill-in pdf
BT-EX 55115 Business Exemption Application fill-in pdf
BT-1C 48515 Application for Consolidated Tax Filing Number fill-in pdf
GA-110L  615 Claim for Refund
*This can now be done directly via INTIME.
fill-in pdf
IDA-10/20 48770 Individual Development Account Tax Credit Application pdf
NGV-C 52829 Commercial Natural Gas Vehicle Credit Form fil-in pdf
POA-1 49357 Power of Attorney
*This can now be done directly via INTIME.
fill-in pdf
ROC-1 52039 Correct/Change of Responsible Officer Information
*This can now be done directly via INTIME.
fill-in pdf
TAO  The Indiana Tax Advocacy Office Procedures and Forms html
Tax Clearance 53227 Tax Clearance Form fill-in pdf
TSOL-1 55497 Truck Stop Owner's License Application fill-in pdf
USUT Registration Application 56039 Registration and filing requirements for Utility Services Use Tax (Effective July 1, 2006) fill-in pdf
VDA-1 56462 Voluntary Disclosure Request fill-in pdf
Affidavit 42850 Affidavit for Lost or Not Received Warrant (Auditor of the State Form) pdf

Any form not available on this page is now part of the functionality of INTIME, Indiana's Taxpayer Information Management Engine, DOR's e-services portal. New and existing business customers can manage, file and pay their sales and withholding tax obligations using INTIME.

Note: As of December 1, 2020, DOR no longer accepts removable media, to include CDs, DVDs, or USB flash drives, from customers needing to submit documents. This includes any removable media containing supporting documentation for returns, receipts accompanying Form GA-110L, wage statements, invoices and utility studies for submission with Form ST-200, and any other information or data. Media received in this manner will be returned or destroyed.

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