Power of Attorney Procedures and Form

Power of Attorney allows an individual to act as the authority for another person in specific instances. Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) requires a Power of Attorney form (POA-1) for customers to authorize another person to have access to their information.

Taxpayers wishing to authorize a representative to have Power of Attorney on their behalf for state tax matters need to know the following:

A properly completed POA-1 form must be submitted to DOR

  • By mail with a hardcopy of the original
  • By fax as a copy of the original

Only when DOR has received the properly completed POA-1 can a DOR employee speak with the representative about the specific tax type and period indicated in the POA-1 form. Please note that the POA-1 form does not need to be notarized.


Contact and Mailing Information:

Indiana Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 7230
Indianapolis, IN 46207-7230
Phone: (317) 232-2240
Fax: (317) 615-2605
E-mail: poa1forms@dor.IN.gov

Power of Attorney Frequently Asked Questions