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Indiana's Online Work Permit System

Youth Employment Law Update: 3/16/2021

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The State of Indiana is creating an Employer Registration system for any employer that employs five (5) or more minors. Effective 7/1/2021, Indiana will no longer require work permits for minor employees. Employers will no longer be required to complete the “Intent to Employ” form, and schools will no longer issue work permits.

Employers will be responsible for maintaining an accurate list of all minor employees. If an employer has four (4) or fewer minor employees, registration will not be required. This registration does not have any impact on the work hour requirements for minors. All employers must still comply with the Teen Work Hour Restrictions.

April 1, 2020: Changes to Youth Employment Laws

As of April 1, 2020, various updates have taken effect in the newly-titled Youth Employment division for the state of Indiana. Please download this training document to see and learn all new laws involving employing minors.

Teen Worker Safety

The Bureau of Youth Employment partnered with INSafe, Indiana's occupational safety and health consultation program, to provide information about teen worker safety and health.

Together, the Bureau of Youth Employment and INSafe created two short training videos centered around Indiana's Youth Employment laws and on the job safety.

For more information about teen labor laws and workplace safety and health, please visit the Teen Worker Safety page and our Frequently Asked Questions. For questions about Indiana's Youth Employment laws, please email your inquiry to the Bureau of Youth Employment at youthemployment@dol.in.gov. Please contact INSafe for workplace safety and health inquiries by email at insafe@dol.in.gov or contact us by phone at (317) 232-2688 to speak with a safety or health consultant.