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Say YES to no more work permits!

New youth-employment requirements effective July 1, 2021.

Youth Employment Home

Indiana Department of Labor Youth Employment Division monitors and enforces Indiana youth employment laws.
Indiana Youth Employment laws may be viewed here.

Youth Employment System (YES)

Effective July 1, 2021, Indiana eliminated work permits completely, and now requires all employers with five or more minor employees (under age 18) to use Indiana Department of Labor’s Youth Employment System (YES) to track and report minor-employee information.

Youth Employment (YE) FAQs

Do minors have to receive a break/lunch when working 6 hours or longer?

As of April 1, 2020, the Indiana youth employment law removed the break/lunch requirement for minors. Employers are no longer required to provide a minor with a break or lunch regardless of the number of hours worked in a day.

My child is a homeschool/online school student, what hours are they allowed to work?

Students who are homeschooled or enrolled in an online school are considered the same as a minor who attends school in person. The school district calendar where the minor lives is used to determine beginning/end of school year, breaks, and holidays.

If I employ 4 or less minors, do I need to register my company in YES?

Employers are only required to register in YES if they employ 5 or more minors. Employers may voluntarily register on YES if they employ 4 or less minors.

Do I have to include summer help on my YES registration?

Yes. If you employ 5 or more minors, you are required to register your company and keep an updated list of minors regardless of length of employment.

Can a 14/15 year old work until 9:00pm on the weekends during the school year?

No. A 14/15 year old can only work until 7:00pm regardless of the day of the week except from June 1 to Labor Day.

From June 1 to Labor Day, a 14/15 year old can work until 9:00pm except once school is back in session. When school starts but it is before Labor Day, a 14/15 year old can only work until 7:00pm on a night before a school day.

They would still be allowed to work until 9:00 pm on a night not followed by a school day until Labor Day. After Labor Day, they would return to only being allowed to work until 7:00 pm.

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