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Voluntary Protection Programs

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Created in 1982, OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs recognize and partner with businesses and worksites that show excellence in occupational safety and health. Sites are committed to effective employee protection beyond the requirements of OSHA standards. VPP participants develop and implement systems to effectively identify, evaluate, prevent and control occupational hazards to prevent employee injuries and illnesses. As a result, the average Indiana VPP worksite has a lost workday incidence rate more than 70% below the average of its industry. In return, IOSHA removes participants from programmed inspection lists.

Indiana's VPP is modeled closely after its federal counterpart. The first Hoosier site was welcomed in 1997. With more than 70 participants at both the Merit and Star levels, Indiana ranks in the top five of state plan states in number of participating sites. Indiana's VPP sites range in size from fewer than 20 employees to more than 8,000. We have participants in industries that span from pharmaceuticals to snack foods and from scrap recycling to the production and processing of seed corn. Indiana eagerly welcomes additional qualified participants.

We are proud of our Indiana companies that have attained a level of excellence that qualifies them for the designation as a Star or Merit VPP site.