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Construction Safety

Construction work is physically demanding and plays a vital role in the Hoosier economy. Workers in this industry build, repair and maintain our roads, houses, schools and workplaces.  Work can involve the building of new structures, which may include activities involved with subdividing land for sale as building sites or preparation of sites for new construction.  In addition, work can also include renovations involving additions, alterations, or maintenance and repair of buildings, as well as engineering projects such as highways or utility systems.

The Construction Safety Division of the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA) focuses on the recognition of employee exposure to occupational safety and health hazards in this industry.  Construction sites throughout the state are inspected to ensure compliance with the safety and health regulations found within 29 CFR 1926.  Construction Safety Compliance Officers use a variety of testing instruments and focus on physical hazards related to machinery and equipment from hand tools and cranes to scaffolds, which can result in injuries such as abrasions, broken bones, amputations and death.