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2021 Governor's Workplace Safety Award Recipients

Clean Fuels National, Keystone, Indiana
Education and Outreach for a Small-sized Company 

Clean Fuels National offers a patented, nationwide service that reclaims phase-separated and otherwise dirty fuels while they are still in their fuel tanks.

Recently, Clean Fuels National developed a master technician certification for their employees. The master technicians are then deployed to offer extensive onsite training to others. The master technicians perform quarterly training for all other technicians to replicate best practices, instill safety culture, and ensure product quality. A decrease in all lagging indicators and an increase in e-learning and technician grading scales shows the efforts of the master technicians to be deeply beneficial.

Edwards Electrical and Mechanical, Indianapolis, Indiana
Education and Outreach for a Medium-sized Company

Safety in most organizations is an add-on application, but Edwards wanted it to be part of their culture. Edwards started the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, or MEP, Learning Center to inform team members about the skills their business provides, and to create an accredited skilled trades program for new and existing team members. The program requires all participants to complete an OSHA 10 Hour training in construction. The focus on training and awareness brought about increased morale and better incident investigation, but also resulted in a slight uptick in cases that may have otherwise gone unreported. The increased vigilance, however, will allow for better analysis of and training to job-specific hazards.

Gribbins Insulation Company, Inc., Evansville, Indiana
Education and Outreach for a Medium-sized Company

Gribbins Insulation is a commercial and industrial mechanical insulation contractor serving the Midwestern United States. In 2020, they developed an incident communication procedure for their five office locations. Gribbins wanted to ensure that the proper personnel were informed and involved in their incident investigation process.

This communication procedure incorporated the employees who were responsible to communicate to others, starting with the injured employee and surrounding employees, all the way up to the executive team. This helps to ensure that employees are reporting incidents quickly and allows the investigators to gather data and begin to develop the root causes. Now, employees who might have overlooked an injury as minor get treatment immediately, keeping first aid injuries from becoming recordables or lost-time injuries. These minor injuries can then be analyzed to help prevent them in the future.

Sustainable Sourcing, LLC, Clinton, Indiana
Partnerships for a Small-sized Company

Sustainable Sourcing LLC is engaged in the processing of animal fats and oils to be used in the Pharmaceutical, Biodiesel and Pet Food Industries. Sustainable Sourcing's production facility is located within the Elanco manufacturing site in Clinton Indiana.

Sustainable Sourcing’s Manager of Operations attends Elanco’s daily morning production meetings. The agenda requires those in attendance to share at least one safety example with the group. This increased focus on identifying safety-related topics to discuss with the group has caused an increased discussion amongst employees as to what topics to cover, and assigning issues the “safety focus of the day.” In December 2020, Sustainable Sourcing, LLC celebrated 8 years without a work-related injury, illness or loss of work time.

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Partnerships for a Large-sized Company

When Governor Eric J. Holcomb declared the COVID-19 pandemic a public health emergency, IDEM was asked by the Indiana State Health Commissioner Dr. Box for assistance with the establishment of statewide testing sites to determine the extent of the spread of the virus. IDEM mobilized staff and regional resources to establish testing sites. This required coordination with the Indiana Department of Health and IDEM’s health and safety director. IDEM staff who were experienced in PPE safety protocols worked at these sites.

IDEM staff also assisted by handling samples and contamination issues and delivering samples to the labs throughout the state. Despite this massive mobilization, and more than 50 IDEM staff volunteering to assist with setting up testing sites, traffic control, PPE management and processing of samples, IDEM had no work-related exposures to COVID-19 and no injuries or illnesses resulting from these efforts. Their protocols went beyond just keeping their own staff safe, but also addressed the safety of all Hoosiers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

No-Sag Products Division of Leggett & Platt, Inc.
Rising Star for a Small-sized Company

No-Sag Products has had several new or reinvigorated processes over the last few years, but COVID-19 dominated their 2020 safety focus. No-Sag Products has five teams in place that address Employee Access Control; Virus Protection & Protocols; Sanitization & Disinfection; Communications & Training; and P.P.E. These teams have as few as one to as many as five designated members, with many more in their workforce actively involved. Their continued focus on safety included audits yielding 367 findings in two years, a record for the company. These same two years, however, have been the safest in company history.

Louis Dreyfuss Company, Claypool, Indiana
Rising Star for a Medium-sized Company

Louis Dreyfus Company in Claypool, IN is a diverse Agricultural facility that takes Raw Soybeans and create Soybean Meal and Pellets for livestock, Soybean Oil, Biodiesel, and Glycerin. The Louis Dreyfuss Company Claypool, IN Site had many recordable incidents in the past. The company realized a new approach was necessary to better engage the employees and contractors onsite. To do this, the LDC initiated a completely digital Safety Management System (SMS) through the EHS Insight Platform to increase the Sites safety performance and efficiency. With this SMS, the Claypool facility was able to increase safety interaction, track real-time safety and health statistical data to remove risk, confirm action items were completed and closed, notify the plant of abnormal conditions and risk to the staff, and increase training participation with Kiosk implementation. The implementation of the EHS kiosks is a change that no one has experienced at any LDC facility around the world and Claypool proved it to be a successful and helpful tool to reduce risk in the facility.

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