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2007 Award Recipients

Innovation Award

Eli Lilly and Company has exemplified safety practices at one of its higher risk industrial scale chemical processing operations: the Eli Lilly & Company - Biosynthetic Human Insulin (BHI) Manufacturing facility. Among BHI's most significant accomplishments in 2006 was removing chlorine from its insulin manufacturing process. The initiative not only streamlined production, but also reduced the chances of a hazardous scenario impacting residents and individuals working near the plant.

Education & Outreach Award

For the past 13 years, Charlie Schneider, personnel, safety and loss control director for the City of Jasper, has driven education and training for workers, with the creation of the Department of Safety and Health marking the importance of the efforts. Underlying the department's mission is the idea that there is no pre-established safety and health goal that takes precedence over others; safety and health programs continue to evolve as part of an ongoing process. The city's safety committee was the state's first to participate in training on 10-hour OSHA standards and receive certificates from the Indiana Department of Labor, BuSET Division - now known as INSafe.

Partnership Award

OmniSource Corporation - Plant 2 Ferrous Operations, a scrap recycling facility, is the only ferrous scrap recycler in the nation to receive Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star certification. In 2006, the total reportable incident rate was 68% below the industry average and the lost workday incident rate was 89% below the industry average. Employees play an integral role in enhancing safety at the facility by scheduling and conducting committee meetings.

General Contractor Award

Family-owned general contractor Steinberger Construction partners with industrial and commercial clients. The organization makes safety training a priority - holding weekly "tool box talks" at job sites to discuss firsthand safety topics, offering safety training for new employees and providing comprehensive drug testing for employees. Its annual Super Safety Training Day offers wellness screenings, certification courses and more.

Specialty Contractor Award

Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer Inc. constructs and installs underground utilities, as well as performs mass earth development. As part of its safety program, Valenti-Held maintains a database that records internal safety trends. In addition, one employee receives a monetary award and recognition in the organization's newsletter each month for exemplary work that meets safety standards.