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Indiana's Online Work Permit System

Indiana's Online Work Permit System

Child Labor Training

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Work experience can be a great benefit to teens and their employers. From work-hour restrictions to prohibited occupations, the Bureau of Child Labor administers and enforces Indiana laws regarding the employment of teens.

Do you have a child labor law question? Contact the Bureau of Child Labor by email at

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (by the Center of Disease Control) has developed Safety Matters, a safety and health training program for young workers. This free program is a one-hour interactive teaching module and PowerPoint presentation to equip young people with skills and knowledge to participate in safe and healthy work environments.

Exemptions for Minors in Hazardous/Prohibited Occupations

Both United States federal law and Indiana state law allow minors at least 16 years of age to begin training for jobs that may be categorized as hazardous and are otherwise prohibited. The United States Department of Labor (USDOL) oversees the Registered Apprenticeship Program, aimed at connecting American businesses with young workers for enhanced skills training and, ultimately, higher paying jobs for skilled workers.

The USDOL's Registered Apprenticeship Program can significantly benefit businesses seeking a young, high-skilled workforce. For more information, please visit

The Indiana Department of Labor is currently developing its own database and resources to promote skills training for Indiana's young workers. These will be made available soon, and we encourage those interested to subscribe to the Child Labor's webpage to receive updates about this developing project. (Click the "Subscribe" button beneath the homepage banner.)

Candy Crews

In most cases, it is unlawful for minors under 16 years of age to peddle goods or services door to door or approach passersby. This problem is addressed in both state and federal laws and is something that we see fairly often here in Indiana. Colloquially, these mobile sales groups have come to be known as "Candy Crews."

WISH-TV 8's Adrienne Broaddus recently published a news report on this issue. The "Candy Crew" article may be found here. The Indiana Department of Labor has also published a fact sheet on "Candy Crews." That fact sheet may be found here.

Online Work Permit System Updates

All work permits in Indiana are now issued through accredited Hoosier schools using the Online Work Permit System. The Indiana Department of Labor no longer produces or distributes paper work permits.

To assist in navigating the system, the Indiana Department of Labor has created several online tutorials explaining each aspect of using the online work permit system on our website. This information may be found on our Forms and Publications webpage. We have also added a section to our Frequently Asked Questions page explaining the statutory requirements, policies and procedures of issuing work permits online.

Teen Worker Safety

The Bureau of Child Labor  partnered with INSafe, Indiana's occupational safety and health consultation program, to provide information about teen worker safety and health.

Together, the Bureau of Child Labor and INSafe created two short training videos centered around Indiana's Child Labor laws and on the job safety.

For more information about teen labor laws and workplace safety and health, please visit the Teen Worker Safety page and our Frequently Asked Questions. For questions about Indiana's Child Labor laws, please email your inquiry to the Bureau of Child Labor at Please contact INSafe for workplace safety and health inquiries by email at or contact us by phone at (317) 232-2688 to speak with a safety or health consultant.