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Bureau of Mines FAQs

Q: How do I contact the Indiana Bureau of Mines?
A: The Indiana Bureau of Mines and Mine Safety may be contacted by any of the following:

  • Mailing Address:
    Indiana Bureau of Mines and Mine Safety
    1002 North 1st Street
    Vincennes, Indiana 47591
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (812) 888-4514

Q: Where is the Bureau of Mines located?
A: The Bureau of Mines is headquartered in Vincennes, Indiana at the Construction Technology Building, 324 West Red Skelton Boulevard, Vincennes, Indiana 47591.

Q: How many active underground mines are in the State of Indiana?
A: There are currently four (4) active underground coal mines in the State of Indiana. To view addresses and contact information for each mine, click here.

Q: How much coal is produced in Indiana each year?
A: In 2021, Indiana coal mines produced approximately 10,411,324 tons of clean coal. Additional statistics from the Indiana Bureau of Mines and Mine Safety is available in the Annual Coal Statistics Report, which is available here.

Q: Where can I go to learn more about Indiana’s Coal Mining Laws?
A: Indiana’s coal mining laws are available here.

Q: How often are the mines in Indiana inspected?
A: All Indiana mines are inspected at least once every three (3) months, by the Assistant Commissioner of the Bureau of Mines while the mine is in operation. However, if practicable, mines can be inspected more frequently. The federal Mine Safety and Health Administration has the exclusive jurisdiction to perform enforcement inspections resulting in issuance of penalties or fines.

Q: How do I get 40-hour new miner training?
A: Vincennes University’s Mining Program provides the first 40 hours of required training for new underground mine employees, as well as 24 hours of required training for new surface mine employees. Training is delivered by certified instructors from the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). These instructors have extensive backgrounds in mine safety and health. For more information, visit Vincennes University’s website or call (812) 888-5031.

Q: How much time do I need to spend working in the underground mines before I can obtain certificate of competency?
A: In order to obtain a certificate of competency from the Indiana Bureau of Mines, the miner must show proof that he or she has at least six months of underground mining experience. Experience is usually completed at the mine where he or she works—the mine will verify the individual has the required time and training.

Q: What mining occupations require a certification in Indiana?
A: Indiana offers certification in the following four categories.

  • Mine Foreman – Allows miners to supervise the entire shift at a mine site as well as examine the mine site in its entirety.
  • Mine Examiner – Allows miners to supervise a working crew in the mine and to examine the mine in its entirety.
  • Hoisting Engineer – Allows miners to operate hoisting transportation at the mine site.
  • Shot Firer – Allows miners to use permissible explosives in the mines.

Q: When is the certification testing date?
A: The State Mining Board and the Assistant Commissioner of the Bureau of Mines meet the second Saturday of every new quarter to administer state tests and state certification. These dates are posted at each mine site; however they are subject to change at any time.

The certification dates for 2024 are:

January 13th
April 13th
July 13th
October 12th

Q: How do I get study materials for the certification tests?
A: Study guides for certifications are available at the following links: Mine Foreman, Mine Examiner, Hoisting Engineer, Shot Firer. Additionally, each mine’s safety department has a digital information that can be printed and distributed. Contact your nearest mine to acquire these materials. You can find contact information for all Indiana Mines here.

Q: Where can I find information about Indiana mine maps?
A: Information pertaining to historical mine maps is available from the Indiana Geological Survey, a Research Institute of Indiana University. Individuals may also call the Indiana Geological Survey at (812) 855-1364 or (812) 855-6641.