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Partnership Program

Indiana Construction Safety Partners

On December 11, 2018, the IDOL entered into a strategic OSH Partnership with the Associated General Contractors of Indiana (AGCI), and the Indiana Constructors, Inc. (ICI) herein recognized as the Indiana Construction Safety Partners (ICSP). The agreement is to advance the mutual goal of preventing occupational incidents. This statewide Partnership is not a legal partnership, but rather a cooperative program. This Partnership is for the benefit of both AGCI and ICI member companies working within the Indiana construction industry that have demonstrated exemplary safety and health management systems.

View Partnership Agreement (PDF)

Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS)

The goal of the partnership is the advancement of health and safety in the workplace, which encompasses the reduction of the number and severity of injuries and elimination of all fatalities on construction projects in Indiana. The statewide partnership provides an opportunity for CCS "Certified" contractors who routinely work throughout the state to participate in the partnership without having to enroll in a separate partnership with the Indiana Department of Labor. The agreement was first signed in October 2008, most recently renewed in January 2021.

View the Partnership Agreement
(Formerly the Metropolitan Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety)