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Winter Hazard Alert


No heating device of any kind may be used in the vicinity of any combustible plastic, tarpaulins, canvas, or similar material even if fire retarded, unless it is at least 10' from the coverings. In addition, such combustible material has to be fastened to prevent it from upsetting the heater or from getting too close to it.

Room circulating (with a fan) heating devices must have at least 12" clearance all around from any combustible material unless specifically labeled otherwise.

Room radiant heating devices must have at least 36" clearance all around from any combustible material unless specifically labeled otherwise.

LP Gas

Any storage of LP gas outside has to have at least one portable fire extinguisher having a rating of not less than 20-b:C in the immediate area. (This is different from flammable liquids in that the extinguisher can be right at the storage point. In fact, the closer to the storage point, the better.)

Cylinders outside that are not connected must be in a "secured" or in a special enclosed area to prevent tampering. Any type of an enclosure has to be very well ventilated. When the whole site is fenced, this is acceptable.

Outside tanks that are within 5 feet of a road, that is not curbed, or where cars, trucks, Lulls, loaders, dozers or similar equipment are operating or travels, have to be protected from being hit or damaged.

Any cylinder, outside or inside, not setting on concrete or similar surface (connected or not) larger than the type that is used with home Bar-B-Que has to be secured in an upright position.

No cylinder of any size can be in a building or under a tarp or inside a plastic enclosed area unless it is connected to a heating device. NO EXCEPTIONS. (The heating devices do not have to be operating, just connected.)

Connections to any cylinder or tank, inside or out, unless the tank is setting on a concrete or similar surface, have to be flexible.

Cylinders inside, connected to heaters, or the heaters themselves can not be closer to each other than 20 feet. Cylinders cannot be set in front of heaters to keep them from going into the freezing state or to keep them warm.

Any scaffold with plastic, canvas, etc. on it has to be secured to the structure.

When plastic is used to wrap a scaffold, extra precautions must be taken, including typing and bracing the scaffold to the wall.