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Trenching & Excavation Safety

In the United States of America, the construction industry sees more worker injuries and deaths than any other industry. Many of these incidents occur with trenching and excavation work. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that excavation- and trench-related fatalities nearly doubled in 2016 from the previous year.

How Do Workers Get Hurt in Digging Projects?

Injuries and deadly incidents occur in excavation and trenching projects when there is

"Good Dirt" Trenching and Excavation Safety
Presented by Bryan Thais, INSafe Safety Consultant

Safety Program Assistance

INSafe is a cost-free consultation and education program available to Hoosier employers statewide. The division is the voluntary compliance sibling to the Indiana OSHA division, but is restricted from sharing any information in order to maintain confidentiality of businesses and organizations utilizing INSafe services.

If you are interested in having the occupational safety and health experts of the INSafe team visit your facility or site, please visit www.in.gov/dol/insafeconsultation to request an on-site consultation and review of your safety and health programs.