Drive Now TXT L8R FAQs

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Do I need to have a Twitter account?
Yes, you or at least one member of your team needs to have a Twitter account. When you register for the contest, you must give us a Twitter handle. Twitter and use of the hashtag, #TXTL8RIN help us track submissions. No matter what social media platform you decide to use, you must connect and tweet the post from Twitter. We're aiming to spread awareness and discourage everyone from texting while driving!

How do I link my other accounts to Twitter?
Learn how to link your Instagram account to Twitter. Learn how to link your Vine account to Twitter.

What social media channels are in the contest?
Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and YouTube are recommended social media platforms, but each participant may use whatever channel of his or her choosing. Remember, you don't have to limit yourself to one post. Post everywhere and drive everyone to your accounts! Increase your followers and raise awareness!

I don't have a College Choice 529 plan. Can I win?
To make sure the scholarship goes toward education, it has to be put into a College Choice 529 account. It's a good idea to have one if you're saving for college and it's required for this contest. Learn more here.

Why am I disqualified if I text and drive for my submission?
We're trying to stop people from distracted driving! If you engage in that kind of dangerous activity while working on your submission, we'll have to disqualify you. Besides, you know texting and driving is against the law - right?

Who can participate?
All high school, trade school and college students at any Indiana school are all eligible.

Do I have to be from Indiana to win?
Nope! As long as you are attending an Indiana school, you can participate!

Is there an age limit?
We only require that you attend a school in Indiana and be at least 13 years old. Otherwise, there is no age limit! If you're a non-traditional student you're encouraged to apply.

Can we apply in teams?
Yes! You can form a team of a maximum of four (4) members.

If my team wins, who gets the scholarship money?
Good news! If your team wins (up to four people), you EACH get scholarship money in your College Choice 529 account!

Who are the judges for the judges' choice awards?
The judges are representatives from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), the Indiana Department of Labor (IDOL), the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJ), the Indiana State Police (ISP) and the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMW).