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Posters and Forms for Employers

  • Intent to Employ/A-1 - State Form 896 - UPDATED
    Form used by teen to gather information and signatures necessary to obtain a work permit.
  • Hiring Checklist
    This form can be used to help employers maintain the records required for employing minors. It is not an official state form.
  • Sample Withdrawal Form
    When a minor legally withdraws from a high school education, the information on this form should be present on his or her exit letter.
  • Roster of Minors (Fillable)
    Properly filled, this poster reflects permissions that are on-file for employed minors. (Note: This document is an editable PDF. If you would like to save entered information, please download the form before filling the available spaces.)
  • Teen Work Hour Restrictions poster - REQUIRED
    This poster is required for any business employing minors
  • Written Parental Permission
    Form used by parent/guardian to allow 16 and/or 17 year olds to work some longer or later hours.
  • Sample Break Log
    By law, employers must maintain records of breaks and lunches for minors. This sample illustrates what information is required. It is not an official state form.

Posters and Forms for Schools

Presentations and Trainings


The videos below are presented in Windows Media Video (.wmv) format. Captioned and subtitled videos are now available on the Indiana Department of Labor YouTube Channel.

The following forms are now obsolete and are no longer distributed by the Indiana Department of Labor.

  • State Seal Stickers
    Instead of stickers, schools should use the embossing seal or stamp used to validate transcripts.
  • Green Employment Certificate Forms (Work Permit) - State Form 898
    The official work permit form is only available to accredited schools through the Online Work Permit System.
  • Office Record Card - State Form 2718R
    This form was made obsolete by the Online Work Permit System.
  • Issuing Officers Approval Form
    This form is no longer required or maintained by the Indiana Department of Labor.
  • Age Certificate Form - State Form 897R2
    This form is no longer maintained by the Indiana Department of Labor.