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State Park Inns Pets Policy

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Offering limited pet friendly accommodations.

  1. Dogs and cats up to 75 lbs. shall be permitted in designated pet friendly rooms/cabins at all Indiana State Park Inns.
  2. A $25 per night, non-refundable deposit shall be applied for each night’s stay. The pet owner(s) shall be responsible for the cost of any damages, or extra cleaning fees that are caused by the pet(s). A maximum of two pets shall be allowed per room or cabin.
  3. Pets shall not be permitted in any rooms or cabins not specifically designated “pet-friendly.” Pets are not permitted in public spaces and meeting rooms in the Inn/Lodge.
  4. In the event a pet barks, meows, howls, or whines to the extent that it interferes with, or jeopardizes the quiet enjoyment of other guests, the pet owner may be required to board the pet at a local kennel for the remainder of their stay. Such determinations are within the sole discretion of Indiana State Park Inn personnel.
  5. Pet(s) must be kept on a leash (up to 6 ft.), or in a crate or kennel at all times except while inside the pet owner’s room or cabin. Pets must be kept in a crate or kennel at all times when unattended.
  6. Housekeeping will not be provided if the pet(s) are left in the room/cabin unattended.
  7. Pets, excluding service animals as designated by Indiana Code, are prohibited at:
    1. Swimming pools and aquatic centers
    2. Restaurants and dining halls
    3. Beaches (unless specifically designated for pets)
    4. Rented recreation buildings
  1. Ensuring that the pet(s) are current on their vaccinations is the sole responsibility of pet owner(s). Indiana State Park Inns will not be held liable for any damages resulting from, or pertaining to a pet’s vaccination status.

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