Rates and fees

Thank you for supporting your great Indiana DNR properties when you visit and pay for gate entrance, lodging and other activities. All user fees go to dedicated accounts that support the operation of these properties. Approximately 70 percent of the operating costs at Indiana State Parks are generated through user fees. Your tax dollars (about $1.39 per Hoosier annually) contribute the other 30 percent.

Indiana’s state parks and state forests are great outdoor places where memories are made. They play an important economic role in nearby communities by providing jobs and serving as partners in local and regional tourism. Our state parks and state forests are also important places to play, walk, run, bike and swim for healthy exercise.


Reserve your favorite campsite online at www.camp.IN.gov or by calling 1-866-622-6746. Rates listed will apply for all camping from mid-March until early November. In some instances, the rates may be reduced in the spring and fall due to the availability of limited services in some campgrounds. Learn more about services available for winter camping.

Additionally, lower rates Sunday through Wednesday nights throughout the season are offered to all campers. All rates are per night.