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21st Annual Surface Mined Land Reclamation Technology Transfer Seminar

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Monday, December 3rd

Three Phases of a Water Sampling Event

  • Jim Risch, Environmental Chemist, Indiana Department of Environmental Management
  • Rodger Wilson, Manager of Mining Environmental Services, Mid-America Division, Standard Laboratories, Inc.

Stream & Wetland Workshop--Applications of Computer Technology in Mining (Agenda)

Blasting Workshop

  • Larry Schneider, President, Detonation Safety Engineering
  • Seth Burns, Technical Manager, Midland Powder Company
  • Victor Makximenko, Deputy Director, Naval Surface Warfare Center-Crane Division
  • Fred Grabner, Owner, Grabner Blasting & Consulting
  • Trudy Payne, Vice President, Nobel Insurance Services
  • Paul Downing, Senior Loss Control Representative, Nobel Insurance Services

Tuesday, December 4th

Update on Office of Surface Mining Activities—Accomplishments of the Past Year

  • Ervin Barchenger, Acting Director, Office of Surface Mining, Mid-Continent Region Update on happenings at OSM over the past year.

Field Performance of Nutrient Loaded Northern Red Oak & White Oak Seedlings on Mine Lands in Southern Indiana

  • Francis Salifu, Post-doctoral Research Scientist, Purdue University. The merits of nutrient loading to promote seedling performance on mined lands and how it was achieved.

A System to Evaluate Prime Farmland Reclamation Success Based on Spatial Soil Properties

  • Robert Dunker, Superintendent of Crop Sciences Research & Education Center, University of Illinois Soil property based formula to expedite bond releases and a discussion on its advantages.

Retreat Mining Methods and Surface Effects in Indiana

  • Brad Rigsby, Project Engineer, Five Star Mining.Overview of various mining methods employed in planned subsidence operations examples of surface effects and mitigation, and current regulations on subsidence control plans in Indiana.

Outreach at the Indiana Division of Reclamation

  • Colleen Baughman, AVS/Education Coordinator, IN DNR, Division of Reclamation. The importance of outreach in the mining industry and what types are done at the Division of Reclamation.

Benefits of Using GPS in Reclamation

  • Barry Hennessy, USA Vice President, Automated Positioning Systems Highlights some of the newest GPS technology used in mine land reclamation

AML Reclamation Activities-Past, Present, & Future, in the South Fork Patoka River Watershed

  • Mark Stacy, Environmental Specialist, IN DNR, Division of Reclamation, AML reclamation projects that have occurred in the South Fork Patoka River Watershed over the past 20+ years and the resulting impacts to water quality.

Palzo Illinois AMD Reclamation Project

  • Ron Kizer, Resource Planner, Illinois DNR, AML Program. How one of the midwest’s worse cases of AMD was mitigated and what’s left to be done.

AWARDS LUNCHEON: Keynote speaker

  • Marty Irwin, Director, Indiana Center for Coal Technology Research, Purdue University

Duke Energy Edwardsport; A 2 Billion Dollar Investment Founded Upon Abandoned Mine Workings 40 Feet Below the Surface

  • Frank Howard III, Project Manager, Howard Concrete Pumping Company, Inc. Grouting operations at Edwardsport project.

IGCC Project Update [Presentation Not Available]

  • Jack Stultz, IGCC Plant General Manager, Duke Energy Indiana. Update on the Edwardsport IGCC Plant.

Geological Sequestration of CO2--Successes and Challenges

  • John Rupp, Assistant Director for Research, Indiana Geological Survey. A brief overview of technical advances on sequestration to date, future challenges and some new considerations happening on the policy side.

Reclamation for Quail Restoration

  • Kale Horton, Natural Resources Specialist, Office of Surface Mining Mid-Continent Region. Using SMCRA performance standards to establish quality Bobwhite Quail habitat in Indiana.

Indiana Wildlife Habitat

  • Ramona Briggeman, IN DNR, Division of ReclamationDifferent types of wildlife habitat and abilities to support quail populations.

A Comparison of Coal Mining and Indiana Bat Population Trends

  • Kimery Vories, Natural Resource Specialist/Technology Transfer, Office of Surface Mining Mid-Continent RegionOSM’s study of data on changes in Indiana Bat populations when correlated with coal production areas.

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