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Subsidence Insurance

The Division of Reclamation is authorized to fill subsidence holes on both private and public property but is not responsible for structural damage to private homes or other buildings. Homes and private structures can be protected through your insurance company. Conventional homeowners insurance does not cover damage caused by mine subsidence. However, insurance protection sponsored by the State of Indiana is available for homeowners through the Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund. This insurance is available in those counties most susceptible to mine subsidence damage.

The CMIS Map Viewer is beneficial in determining whether you live in or near an area where underground mining activity took place. Subsidence insurance can be added to your homeowners policy at any time. To be eligible for a claim, your property must be insured prior to any damage from mine subsidence. For more information about coal mine subsidence insurance, contact your insurance agent or the Indiana Subsidence Insurance Fund at the Indiana Department of Insurance.

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