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Forestry Publications & Presentations

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Some documents are not available online. To request a print copy, contact:

Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Division of Forestry
402 West Washington Street Room W296
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2739

or contact us through the questions/comments page.

Annual Reports & Forest Strategic Plans

Annual Reports

Forest Stewardship Committee

Forest Action Plan

Forest Strategic Plans

Indiana Hardwood Strategy

Community & Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry Planning and Management

Tree Selection, Planting, and Care

Tree City USA

  • Tree City USA work packet
  • Tree Ordinance - Basic Format
  • Tree Ordinance - Example
  • Indiana Tree City - Tree Line - Tree Campus USA's
  • Benefits of the Urban Forest

    Research and Inventories of Indiana's Urban Forests

    Conservation Education


    Forest Health

    Forest Inventory & Analysis

    State Forest Continuous Forest Inventory

    State Forest Inventory

    Classified Forest Continuous Forest Inventory

    FIA Reports – Indiana’s Forests

    The Sustainability of Indiana’s Forest Resources


    Forest Issue Papers

    Hardwood Market Information

    Forest Products Industry

    Forest Research Reports

    Forest Resource Management

    Other Division of Forestry Information


    Private Lands Management


    Best Practices


    Forest Management Concepts

    Legally Harvested Timber in Indiana Report



    Selling Timber

    Soils Management

    Tree Planting and Care

    Weed Control

    State Forest Maps and Information

    State Forest Infographics

    Wildlife Management

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    Upcoming Events

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