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DLGF Public Hearings

Public Hearing

Dearborn County’s Capital Development Fund Re-establishment Hearing

August 6, 2021

1 p.m. EST

The meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams.

You may watch the event in Teams—desktop (Windows or Mac), web, or mobile.
If you don't have Teams, you can also use a browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge). You may sign in as anonymous.

To join the meeting, click on the link below labeled “Join Here.”


Not later than 30 days after publication of the notice of adoption pursuant to IC 6-1.1-41-6, at least 10 taxpayers in Dearborn County (“County”) filed a petition with the Dearborn County Auditor stating their objections to the proposed re-establishment of the County’s Capital Development Fund.

Pursuant to IC 6-1.1-41-7 and 8, the Department must hold a hearing on the petition and give notice of this hearing to the county auditor and the first ten (10) taxpayers whose names appear on the petition. Consequently, the Department will conduct a public hearing starting at 1:00 p.m. local time on August 6, 2021. Pursuant to Section 42 of Public L. No. 38-2021, the hearing will be held electronically through the Microsoft Teams telecommunications service. Instructions on how to access the electronic hearing will be made available on the Department’s website homepage, www.in.gov/dlgf.

At this hearing, the Department will accept written and verbal testimony from interested persons. You or anyone you know who resides in the County that would like to provide testimony must submit a request to Deputy General Counsel David Marusarz at dmarusarz@dlgf.in.gov. The request must express an intent to testify at the hearing. This request must be received no later than noon on August 5. To ensure an orderly hearing, only those who have submitted a timely request to testify will be able to testify at the hearing. Please also inform the Department if you or someone else are speaking on behalf of others or have a planned order of preference for who wants to testify.

All interested persons will be able to provide written evidence to the Department, whether or not they testify at the hearing. Written evidence must be submitted to Deputy General Counsel Marusarz at the above e-mail address or by regular mail at the address included on the letterhead. Written evidence must be received no later than the end of the day on August 13, 2021.
The Department will receive any testimony and after a time following the hearing will render a determination on the petition.

Questions may be directed to Deputy General Counsel David Marusarz at the phone number or email address given above.