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Depository Applications

For Bank application questions, please email bankapplications@dfi.in.gov.

For Credit Union application questions, please email creditunionapplications@dfi.in.gov.

Formation of Financial Institution (IC 28-11-5)

Conversions (IC 28-1-21.6, IC 28-1-21.7 IC 28-1-21.8, IC 28-1-21.9, or IC 28-1-33)

Branch (IC 28-2-13-19, Interstate Branching IC 28-2-18, Main Office Relocation IC 28-1-5-3, Branch Closing Per DFI Policy)

Merger/Consolidation (IC 28-1-7, Interstate Banking IC 28-2-17)

Acquisition (IC 28-2-14, Indiana Bank Holding Company, Out of State Bank Holding Company IC 28-2-16)

Foreign Corporation (IC 28-1-22)

Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation (IC 28-13-14-12)

*This should also be used for Credit Union Field of Membership Expansion requests

Plan of Exchange – Formation of Bank Holding Company (IC 28-1-7.5)

Change of Control – (IC 28-1-2-23)

*The below activities require letter notification to the Department in lieu of a formal application

Subsidiary Formation – (IC 28-13-16)

Dividend Activity – Formation of Bank Holding Company (IC28-1-7.5)

Miscellaneous – (May require Approval or No Objection)

  • Real Estate Held For Future Expansion IC 28-1-11-5
  • Community Investments IC 28-1-11-4
  • Transfer of Trust Assets IC 28-2-14-18
  • Parity Request IC 28- 1-11-3.2
  • Emergency Branch Closure IC 28-13-10-9
  • Acquisition of Own Shares IC 28-13-3-3
  • Information Concerning the Bid on A Troubled of Failed Institution
  • Factors to Consider When Reviewing Branch/Relocation Applications