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Depository Applications

For Bank application questions, please email

For Credit Union application questions, please email

Financial Institution Formation
(IC 28-11-5)
Financial Institution Charter Conversions
(IC 28-1-21.6, IC 28-1-21.7 IC 28-1-21.8, IC 28-1-21.9, or IC 28-1-33)
Financial Institution Branch Activities
(IC 28-2-13-19, Interstate Branching IC 28-2-18, Main Office Relocation IC 28-1-5-3, Branch Closing Per DFI Policy)

Financial institutions meeting the criteria outlined in the DFI’s Expedited Procedures Policy ( may be exempt from the normal branch establishment and relocation approval requirements, including the filing of the full branch application linked below. Financial institutions should consult the Expedited Procedures Policy prior to applying.  If the financial institution meets the criteria outlined in the Policy, the financial institution shall submit a letter detailing their branching plans, outlining how they meet the criteria to be considered for expedited procedures, and provide Page 1 of the below linked full application to support allowable statutory premise holdings.  If a financial institution does not meet the criteria for expedited procedures, the full application linked below must be submitted.

Financial Institution Merger/Acquisition/Consolidation Activity
(IC 28-1-7, Interstate Banking IC 28-2-17)
Bank Holding Company Acquisition
(IC 28-2-14, Indiana Bank Holding Company, Out of State Bank Holding Company IC 28-2-16)
Establishment of a Foreign Corporation in Indiana

*Please note: The new filing fee rate is $125

(IC 28-1-22)
Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation/Credit Union Field of Membership Expansion
(IC 28-13-14-12)

For Credit union field of membership expansion please refer to  the below linked Credit Union Field of Membership Expansion Steps.

Plan of Exchange – Formation of Bank Holding Company
(IC 28-1-7.5)
Change of Control
(IC 28-1-2-23)

*The below activities require letter notification to the Department in lieu of a formal application

Subsidiary Formation – (IC 28-13-16)

Dividend Activity – Formation of Bank Holding Company (IC28-1-7.5)

Miscellaneous – (May require Approval or No Objection)

  • Real Estate Held For Future Expansion IC 28-1-11-5
  • Community Investments IC 28-1-11-4
  • Transfer of Trust Assets IC 28-2-14-18
  • Parity Request IC 28- 1-11-3.2
  • Emergency Branch Closure IC 28-13-10-9
  • Acquisition of Own Shares IC 28-13-3-3
  • Information Concerning the Bid on A Troubled of Failed Institution
  • Factors to Consider When Reviewing Branch/Relocation Applications