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The Grant County Sheriff's Office boasts a team of exceptional lieutenants whose diverse expertise and unwavering dedication play a crucial role in the department's ability to effectively enforce the law and ensure community safety. Among these distinguished leaders are Lieutenant Rice, Detective Lieutenant Ogden, and Lieutenant Barcomb, each bringing a unique set of skills and a commitment to excellence that significantly contributes to the office's mission.

Lieutenant Barcomb, who oversees the patrol division, embodies the essence of leadership and preparedness. His role is critical in ensuring that deputies are not only responsive to daily law enforcement tasks but also fully equipped to handle emergencies with the utmost efficiency. His expertise as a Defensive Tactics Instructor further enriches the department's training programs, providing officers with the necessary skills to manage physical confrontations safely and effectively, thus maintaining public safety at the highest level.

Detective Lieutenant Ogden, at the helm of the Criminal Investigations Division, plays an indispensable role in solving complex criminal cases. Under his guidance, the division, which includes the specialized County JEAN Team and Regular Detectives, diligently addresses narcotics-related issues and major crimes, ensuring that justice is served and the community remains safe. His multifaceted role extends to managing the department's social media presence, web administration, and acting as a Hostage/Crisis Negotiator, showcasing his adaptability and innovative approach to community engagement and crisis management.

Lieutenant Jared Rice's involvement with the Accident Reconstruction Team and the Emergency Response Team highlights his versatile skill set and dedication to public safety. His analytical prowess is instrumental in investigating traffic accidents, helping to clarify the sequences of events and ensuring accurate outcomes. Furthermore, his proactive participation in the Emergency Response Team underscores his commitment to swift and strategic responses to critical incidents, emphasizing his role in safeguarding the community with promptness and precision.

Together, Lieutenants Rice, Ogden, and Barcomb exemplify the dedication, skill, and multifaceted expertise that define modern law enforcement. Their contributions to the Grant County Sheriff's Office are invaluable, reinforcing the principles of safety, professionalism, and public service that stand at the core of the department's mission. Through their leadership and commitment, they ensure that the Sheriff's Office remains a steadfast protector of the community, ready to meet the challenges of law enforcement with excellence and integrity.

Lt. Barcomb

William Barcomb

Lieutenant (Patrol Division)


Defensive Tactics Instructor

Lieutenant Barcomb's dedication to the patrol division and his role as a Defensive Tactics Instructor highlights his commitment to maintaining public safety. As a patrol lieutenant, he ensures that deputies are prepared to respond to various situations, from routine patrols to emergency incidents.

Furthermore, Lieutenant Barcomb's expertise as a Defensive Tactics Instructor contributes to the department's training programs, enabling officers to handle physical confrontations with confidence and skill.

Lt. Ogden

Matthew Ogden

Detective Lieutenant (Criminal Investigations Division)

Phone: 765-662-9864 ext. 4214
Fax: 765-668-7403


Social Media Director and Content Creator, Web Administrator, Hostage/Crisis Negotiator

Detective Lieutenant Ogden plays a pivotal role in overseeing the Criminal Investigations Division, which encompasses both the County JEAN Team and Regular Detectives. His leadership in this division ensures that complex criminal cases, including those involving drugs and major crimes, are thoroughly investigated and resolved. The JEAN Team's focus on addressing narcotics-related issues is critical in maintaining community safety.

Detective Lieutenant Ogden's additional roles as the Social Media Director and Content Creator, Web Administrator, and Hostage/Crisis Negotiator showcase his versatility in using technology to engage with the community and law enforcement agencies. His ability to disseminate information effectively and manage online resources is vital for communication and transparency.

Lt. Rice sergeant picture

Jared Rice

Lieutenant (Patrol Division)

Phone: 765-668-8168


Emergency Response Team, Accident Reconstruction Team

Grant County Sheriff Lieutenant Jared Rice serves as a distinguished member of both the Accident Reconstruction Team and the Emergency Response Team, showcasing his versatility and dedication to public safety. With a background rich in law enforcement and specialized training, Lieutenant Rice's expertise is crucial in the meticulous investigation of traffic accidents, where his analytical skills help to piece together events leading up to incidents, ensuring accurate and fair conclusions. Moreover, his role in the Emergency Response Team highlights his commitment to immediate and strategic responses to critical incidents, safeguarding the community through swift action and tactical precision. Lieutenant Rice's dedication to these essential facets of law enforcement reflects his unwavering commitment to serving and protecting the people of Grant County with both skill and integrity.