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Grant County Sheriff Operations Captain Scott Haley and Captain Troyer are instrumental figures in enhancing the law enforcement effectiveness and efficiency within their department. Captain Haley's extensive responsibilities span across crucial operational areas such as overseeing the hiring process, ensuring court security, managing special deputies, handling civil processes, and supervising radio and equipment management. His active involvement in both the hiring process and offering internship opportunities underlines his commitment to strengthening the department's immediate capabilities and fostering the growth of future law enforcement talent. Importantly, Captain Haley also plays a vital role in the department's training programs, emphasizing the development of a skilled and responsive workforce.

Captain Troyer, taking the helm of training within the department, is crucial in ensuring that all personnel are not just adequately prepared for their roles but excel in them. His leadership in training encompasses a broad spectrum, from basic operational readiness to specialized skills such as CPR/AED and first aid, preparing officers for a variety of challenges they might face in the field. This dedication to comprehensive training ensures the department's officers are well-equipped to handle emergencies effectively, maintain public safety, and enforce laws with professionalism.

Meanwhile, Captain Matt Sneed's leadership is paramount to the day-to-day and frontline operations of the Grant County Sheriff's Department. He oversees the patrol division and school resource officers, and his involvement with the Grant County Emergency Response Team signifies his role in ensuring the department's preparedness and rapid response to emergencies. Additionally, Captain Sneed's engagement with the department's K9 unit, particularly as a handler to K9 Jeb, showcases his commitment to utilizing all resources to maximize community safety and operational efficiency.

Together, Captains Haley, Troyer, and Sneed demonstrate a comprehensive approach to law enforcement leadership. Their roles highlight the balance between internal departmental development, advanced training initiatives, and active community engagement, ensuring the department is well-prepared to meet the diverse needs of the community with effectiveness and preparedness.

Captain Haley

Scott Haley

Operations Captain

Phone: 765-662-9836 ext. 2129
Fax: 765-651-0690

214 E 4th Street
Marion, Indiana


Hiring Process, Court Security, Special Deputies, Civil Process, Radio & Equipment.

Captain Scott Haley shoulders the essential duty of overseeing training, which is the bedrock of a skilled and proficient law enforcement force. Training ensures that deputies remain well-prepared to navigate the complexities of modern policing, from staying updated on evolving laws and technologies to mastering effective tactics. Furthermore, Captain Haley's management of radios ensures that clear and reliable communication is maintained among law enforcement personnel, especially during high-stress situations where instant and accurate information sharing is paramount. His role in hiring and internships not only strengthens the department's personnel but also invests in the future of law enforcement, ensuring that the agency maintains its high standards of professionalism.

Captain Sneed

Matt Sneed

Patrol Captain (Patrol)

Phone: 765-662-9836 ext. 2117
Fax: 765-651-0690

214 E 4th Street
Marion, Indiana


Oversees the Patrol Division, School Resource Officers, and is a member of the Grant County Emergency Response Team

Captain Matt Sneed is instrumental in overseeing the patrol division, which is often the most visible and immediate face of law enforcement to the community. His leadership ensures that deputies in the patrol division are equipped and ready to address a wide array of daily law enforcement needs, from routine patrols to emergency responses. Captain Sneed's active involvement as a member of the Grant County Emergency Response Team underscores his commitment to addressing high-risk situations and ensuring that the department is well-prepared for critical incidents that may arise in the community.

Lt. Troyer

Ryan Troyer

Captain (Training Division)

Phone: 765-662-9836


Grant County Sheriff Emergency Response Team,  Honor Guard, CPR/AED Instructor, General Instructor,  Project Lifesaver, Training Coordinator, Fleet and Fuel, Work Crew,  and Fleet.

Captain Troyer stands out for his leadership and comprehensive oversight in the training sector of the Sheriff's Office. As the captain responsible for training, his role is pivotal in shaping the competencies and operational readiness of the law enforcement team. His stewardship ensures that all personnel are not only proficient in routine patrol duties but are also well-prepared to tackle emergencies with efficiency, uphold public safety standards, and rigorously enforce traffic regulations.

His contributions extend beyond routine training; Captain Troyer's participation in the honor guard and the emergency response team exemplifies his dedication to upholding the department's values with dignity and professionalism in every situation, from ceremonial duties to the most demanding operational challenges. Furthermore, his qualifications as a CPR/AED Instructor and First Aid Instructor are critical, providing officers with essential skills that can make the difference between life and death in emergency scenarios.

In addition to his foundational training responsibilities, Captain Troyer's involvement in specialized programs like Project LifeSaver and his role as a General Instructor highlight his commitment to the ongoing development and enrichment of the department's personnel. Through his comprehensive approach to leadership and training, Captain Troyer plays an indispensable role in ensuring the department's officers are not only well-trained but also well-equipped to serve and protect the community with the highest standards of excellence.