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Detention Lieutenants

Detention Lieutenants at the Grant County Sheriff's Office hold pivotal positions in the oversight of jail operations, contributing significantly to the security, order, and efficient functioning of the correctional facilities. These experienced leaders play a central role in coordinating and supervising the daily activities within the jail, ensuring that it operates effectively and in accordance with established standards.

One of the primary responsibilities of Detention Lieutenants is the supervision of correctional officers and staff working within the jail. They serve as senior leaders, providing guidance, direction, and mentorship to the team. Detention Lieutenants foster a culture of discipline, teamwork, and adherence to policies and procedures, creating an environment where both staff and inmates are treated with respect and dignity.

In addition to staff supervision, Detention Lieutenants are responsible for overseeing inmate management. They make critical decisions regarding inmate housing, classification, and behavioral management. By carefully considering factors such as an inmate's risk level, history, and potential conflicts, they determine appropriate housing arrangements. Their expertise in this area is essential for preventing disputes, promoting safety, and maintaining a secure and orderly environment within the jail.

Detention Lieutenants are also instrumental in ensuring the security and safety of the facility. They conduct regular security checks, inspections, and searches to prevent the introduction of contraband and to maintain the integrity of the facility's security protocols. Their meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to upholding safety standards are essential for minimizing security breaches and ensuring the well-being of both inmates and staff.

Furthermore, Detention Lieutenants often play a significant role in staff training and development. They provide instruction on security procedures, emergency response protocols, and effective inmate management techniques, ensuring that the correctional team remains well-prepared and proficient in their roles. Their commitment to ongoing training enhances the professionalism and competency of the jail staff, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the facility.

Detention Lieutenants at the Grant County Sheriff's Office are indispensable leaders in overseeing jail operations. Their multifaceted roles encompass staff supervision, inmate management, security maintenance, and staff development, all of which are essential for the safe, secure, and efficient functioning of the jail. These experienced professionals exemplify the commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and safety within the correctional environment, ultimately contributing to the broader mission of public safety and justice.

Lt. Jones

Georgianna Jones

Detention Lieutenant

Phone: 765-662-9836 ext. 2116

Lt. Persinger 2023

Mark Persinger

Detention Lieutenant

Phone: 765-662-9836 ext.  2114