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Captain of Detention

Captain Camery

Jason Camery

Captain (Jail Division)

Phone: 765-662-9836 ext. 2124
Fax: 765-651-0690

Captain Jason Camery, at the helm of the Jail Division at the Grant County Sheriff's Office, is an exemplary leader who brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to the administration and management of the county's detention facilities. His background as a former Marion Police Officer and Grant County Probation Officer equips him with a unique blend of law enforcement knowledge and a strong understanding of community needs. As the overseer of the Jail Division, Captain Camery plays an instrumental role in ensuring that the division operates efficiently, safely, and in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism.

Captain Camery's law enforcement experience is a cornerstone of his effectiveness in his current role. His tenure as a Marion Police Officer provided him with firsthand experience in dealing with various facets of law enforcement, from patrolling the streets to responding to emergencies. This experience has proven invaluable in understanding the needs of the Jail Division and how it fits into the broader context of public safety within Grant County.

His time as a Grant County Probation Officer further broadened his perspective on criminal justice and community rehabilitation. This background equips Captain Camery with a nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by those within the criminal justice system, which in turn informs his approach to managing the county's detention facilities.

As the head of the Jail Division, Captain Camery oversees a multifaceted operation that includes the management of inmate populations, staff, and facility resources. This division plays a critical role in ensuring that individuals in custody are treated with dignity and respect while maintaining the security and safety of the facility.

One of Captain Camery's primary responsibilities is the welfare of both inmates and staff. He ensures that the detention facilities are run efficiently, with a focus on security protocols, medical care, and access to rehabilitative programs. His commitment to maintaining a safe and humane environment reflects the department's dedication to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct, even within a correctional setting.

Moreover, Captain Camery's leadership extends to staff development and training. He understands the importance of ensuring that correctional officers are well-prepared to manage the unique challenges they face in a correctional facility. Under his guidance, the Jail Division prioritizes ongoing training and professional development, which enhances the competency and readiness of the staff.

Captain Camery's management style is characterized by a combination of firmness and fairness. He recognizes the importance of holding inmates accountable for their actions while also providing opportunities for rehabilitation and personal growth. This balanced approach aligns with the overarching goal of reducing recidivism and helping individuals reintegrate successfully into the community.

Captain Jason Camery is an invaluable asset to the Grant County Sheriff's Office, providing strong and compassionate leadership to the Jail Division. His extensive law enforcement experience, along with his dedication to maintaining the highest standards of care and security, makes him a pillar of professionalism within the department. Under his guidance, the Jail Division serves as a critical component of the county's criminal justice system, contributing to the safety and well-being of Grant County's residents and ensuring that individuals in custody are treated with dignity and respect. Captain Camery's leadership embodies the core values of law enforcement and community service, making him an integral part of the agency's commitment to public safety and justice.