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Chief Deputy Jay Kay

Chief KayChief Deputy Jay Kay

Phone:  765-662-9836 ext. 2109


Chief Deputy Jay Kay of the Grant County Sheriff's Office has had a long and impressive career in law enforcement. He started with the Marion Police Department in 1980 and retired from there in 2015. His vast experience, especially as an investigator, has made a significant impact on the field.

After retiring from the Marion Police Department, Jay continued to contribute to public safety in various roles. He worked as an investigator for the Grant County Prosecutor's Office, a police officer at Marion Health, and an investigator for the Indiana Department of Child Services. These positions further honed his skills and broadened his experience in different aspects of law enforcement and public service.

Jay's skills as an investigator make him a valuable member of the Grant County Sheriff's Office. He has a keen eye for details and a strong commitment to finding the truth. Over the years, he has become well-known for solving complex cases, thanks to his methodical approach to investigations.

One of Jay's strengths is his ability to analyze information carefully. He can see the bigger picture by connecting various pieces of evidence, which helps him solve intricate cases. His extensive experience has sharpened his analytical skills, making him a precise and meticulous investigator.

Jay's success isn't just about his analytical skills. His ability to interact with witnesses, victims, and suspects is also crucial. He balances empathy with objectivity, building trust and cooperation even in difficult situations.

He stays updated on the latest techniques and technologies in law enforcement. This adaptability shows his dedication to justice in a constantly changing world.

Jay's investigative background also shapes his leadership in the Grant County Sheriff's Office. The skills that make him a great investigator—like leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, and a strong moral compass—are the same qualities that ensure the agency runs smoothly and effectively.

After retiring from the Marion Police Department, Jay's move to the Grant County Sheriff's Office highlights his ongoing commitment to public service. Even in retirement, he chose to continue serving his community, reflecting his deep dedication to his work.

Chief Deputy Jay Kay's journey from a dedicated investigator to a respected leader is a testament to his commitment to justice, integrity, and community well-being. His extensive experience has shaped his approach to law enforcement and leadership, making him an invaluable asset to both the agency and the community. Jay's legacy is one of excellence, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of truth and justice.