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Reserve Deputy Division

Grant County Reserve Division

The Grant County Sheriff's Office Reserve Division stands as a shining example of community involvement and dedication to public service. Comprising volunteers who undergo rigorous training, these individuals play a crucial role in supporting law enforcement efforts, ensuring public safety, and fostering positive community relationships. With their commitment, training, and selflessness, the Reserve Division embodies the spirit of collaboration between law enforcement and the community it serves.

A Volunteer Force with a Purpose

The Reserve Division of the Grant County Sheriff's Office is more than just a group of volunteers – it is a force with a purpose. These individuals step forward willingly, dedicating their time and energy to serve alongside sworn law enforcement officers. While not full-time employees, their contributions are no less significant; in fact, their dedication amplifies the impact of the agency's efforts.

Comprehensive Training: Preparing for the Role

The foundation of the Reserve Division lies in the extensive training its members undergo. Each volunteer attends a 40-hour Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) Pre-Basic Course, which serves as a comprehensive introduction to law enforcement practices and procedures. This training covers fundamental topics such as criminal law, search and seizure, and ethics. Moreover, the Reserve Division members go above and beyond, completing additional training to enhance their capabilities and effectiveness in the field.

Supporting Patrol and Community Events

One of the key functions of the Reserve Division is supporting patrol activities. These volunteers work alongside sworn officers, providing an additional presence that bolsters community safety. Their contributions extend to both routine patrols and special events, ensuring that law enforcement can cover a broader area and respond to various situations effectively.

Community events become more secure and engaging with the participation of the Reserve Division. Whether it's local festivals, parades, or gatherings, the volunteers play a role in maintaining order, ensuring traffic flow, and interacting positively with community members. This visibility fosters a sense of unity between law enforcement and the public, strengthening trust and collaboration.

Transports and Special Assignments

The Reserve Division's commitment to service is evident in their involvement in various activities, including prisoner transports. By assisting with these tasks, they contribute to the safe and efficient movement of individuals in custody. This role reflects their dedication to upholding the principles of justice while providing valuable support to the sworn officers.

Furthermore, the Reserve Division's contributions extend to special assignments that require their unique skills and availability. Their flexible nature allows them to step in when needed, enhancing the agency's capabilities and response times during critical incidents or emergencies.

Community Engagement and Impact

The Reserve Division's impact reaches beyond law enforcement activities; it extends to community engagement and relations. Through their active participation in events, public interactions, and community outreach initiatives, these volunteers serve as ambassadors for the agency. Their approachable demeanor and willingness to serve create positive impressions and bridge the gap between law enforcement and the public.

By participating in community events and engaging with residents, the Reserve Division members humanize law enforcement, dispelling misconceptions, and building trust. This engagement is a two-way street – as community members become more familiar with the volunteers, they are more likely to communicate openly, report concerns, and collaborate with law enforcement.

Volunteerism with Lasting Impact

The Grant County Sheriff's Office Reserve Division showcases the incredible potential of volunteerism within law enforcement. While these individuals may not draw a regular paycheck, their contributions are invaluable. The reserve officers invest their time, energy, and dedication to uphold the values of public safety, justice, and community partnership.

In conclusion, the Reserve Division of the Grant County Sheriff's Office exemplifies the spirit of service and collaboration. Through their comprehensive training, support in patrols, engagement in community events, and commitment to various assignments, these volunteers enhance law enforcement's effectiveness and community relations. Their selfless contributions underscore the agency's commitment to inclusivity, public safety, and the pursuit of a safer, more connected community.

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Reserve Commander Chris Dodson

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Reserve Deputy Greg Brankle

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Reserve Deputy Dave Nave

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Reserve Deputy Heath Emmons

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Reserve Deputy Sam McMullen

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Reserve Deputy Jennifer Ressett

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Reserve Deputy Erik Stecher

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Reserve Deputy Jason Konazeski

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Reserve Deputy Max Warren

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Reserve Deputy Lannie Stewart