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Autism Decals

Sheriff Garcia and the Grant County Sheriff's Office are proud to announce the Autism Partnership Program where families can obtain stickers to place on their vehicles and residences. These stickers will alert first responders of an Autistic person inside either the residence or vehicle.
Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects 1 in 36 children today and we know we are likely to encounter people with ASD. All Indiana law enforcement officers are required to attend initial and annual training on how to interact with a person who has ASD and we at the Grant County Sheriff’s Office realize the importance of partnerships because helping each other is of the highest priority to us.
If you need a sticker you can obtain one free by registering on line at, please provide the following information;
Name of emergency contact
Name of person(s) with autism we might encounter
Date of birth
Phone number (optional) Email
Number of stickers requested
Any additional information such as special instructions or responsiveness
Upon registering a deputy will contact you and deliver your stickers. As always if you have any concerns please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 765-662-9836. As always, we are here to work for you.