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Community Relations

We are committed to working for you!

Grant County Sheriff Del Garcia has developed a community-based policing approach for the citizens and visitors of Grant County and is committed to increasing community safety and awareness. The Sheriff's Department relies on cooperation and coordination of public safety activities with all stakeholders within our community.

​​Sheriff Garcia and members of the Grant County Sheriff's Department are committed to building trust, strengthing legitimacy within the community, improving cooperation with our citizens, and coordinating activites with both farmers and event organizers to keep our community safe. Sheriff Garcia understands the importance of community relations which in turn strengthens our criminal justice system and helps take those who seek to harm others off the streets.

​Community-Oriented Policing has emphasized the increased interaction with the communities throughout Grant County which  we serve, through interactive encounters which are positive and build relationships.  Grant County is a diverse community with both those who grew up in our community but have also traveled from around the world to attend two world-renowned universities. The diversity of representation of our universities and communities, with a particular emphasis on gender, ethnic, religious, cultural, and livelihood diversity, are amongst the most critical assets for sustainable community-oriented policing.

Sheriff Garcia is committed to transparency with our community members. This objective is aimed at improving police service quality, which in turn would influence the improvement of trust and satisfaction of citizens with work completed by the Grant County Sheriff's Department. Through this objective, the Grant County Sheriff's Department aims to provide professional, efficient, and effective services to improve accountability before our citizens, stakeholders, and visitors.

​Individuals who live, work, and play or otherwise have an interest in the community as a volunteer, activists, formal and informal community leaders, residents, visitors, tourists, and commuters—are a valuable resource for identifying community concerns. These factions of the community can help achieve specific goals at town hall meetings, neighborhood association meetings, and storefronts in our county

Advocacy and community-based organizations that provide services to the community and advocate on its behalf can be powerful partners. These groups often work with or are composed of individuals who share common interests and can include such entities as victim groups, service clubs, support groups, issue groups, advocacy groups, community development corporations, and the Faith-Based community.