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Cass County Auditor's Office

Department HeadCass County Auditor Cheryl Alcorn 
Contact InformationPhone: (574) 753-7720
Fax: (574) 753-3512 
LocationCass County Government Building
200 Court Park, Room 105
Logansport, IN 46947

The county auditor is a constitutional officeholder elected by voters of the county at large for a term of four years with the prohibition against serving more than two consecutive terms. The auditor serves as secretary of the Board of County Commissioners and secretary of the county council. A few technical duties include budget preparation, financial statement preparation, and compliance with federal tax guidelines and programs. The office of county auditor has evolved dramatically from a bookkeeper and part-time secretary to a financial manager whose responsibilities impact the financial well-being of county government.

Auditor's Office News

NOTICE- Effective July 1, 2021
Pursuant to IC 6-1.1-5.5-4 Sales Disclosure Fee will increase to $20.00. A sales disclosure is a State Form 46021 that is completed for property transfers, both those that are transferred for valuable consideration and those that are the result of foreclosure, the express threat of foreclosure, divorce, court orders, judgments, condemnation, or probate.

NOTICE - Effective July 1, 2019
Pursuant to IC 36-2-9-18, our endorsement fee will increase to $10.00 PER PARCEL PER DEED. A deed being defined as signed instrument containing some legal transfer, or contract; this includes a land Contract, Affidavits, and any other legal instrument for which the Auditor makes a real property endorsement. (refer to Ordinance 19-07 signed by the Cass County Board for Commissioners for details)

NOTICE - Effective October 1, 2014
The Auditor's Office will NO LONGER accept marriage licenses or death certificates to change title on real property. To change the Title on Real property requires one or more of the following three properly executed documents with legal descriptions: DEEDS, AFFIDAVITS, COURT ORDERS - file-stamped by Clerk's Office and SIGNED by JUDGE.

Attention Searchers

AUDITOR PUBLIC DOCUMENT CENTER (TRANSFER RECORDS) - For researchers to access documents from Auditor's office, we have launched the "Auditor Public Document Center". If you are looking for records that are not yet available online, please contact our office.



  • Secretary to County Commissioners and County Council
  • Prepare and distribute meeting agendas
  • Prepare and maintain meeting minutes
  • Notification to all media of meetings; public and executive


  • Annual budget preparation for Council
  • Semi-annual distribution of property tax collections
  • Preparation of County Annual Financial Report
  • Annual preparation of Abstract of Property Taxes
  • Quietus of all miscellaneous receipts
  • Administer all county funds and grants
  • Audit and process all expense claims
  • Audit and process all payroll claims
  • Additional appropriations
  • Maintain various ledgers
    • Tax sale redemption
    • Tax sale surplus
    • Surplus property tax
    • Investment
    • Drain maintenance
    • Excise tax
    • Fixed assets


  • Preparation of annual proposed and adopted property tax rates
  • Distribution of CAGIT and CEDIT taxes
  • Maintain TIF district allocations
  • Maintain and apply real estate tax abatements
  • Process corrections to tax duplicate and issue refunds
  • Tax Sale-publication, recording of sale, issuance of deeds


  • Maintain permanent record of all property owners
  • Maintain plat maps in office and in GIS
  • Accept documents for transfer and sales disclosure forms
  • Assist public with filing of property tax deductions
    • Homestead/Standard
    • Age Over 65
    • Blind/Disabled
    • Disabled Veteran


  • Maintain all employee files and service records
  • Annual preparation of W-2's, 1099's
  • Remittance of all payroll taxes to federal and state governments


  • Deed
    • $10.00 per parcel per Deed**
  • Sales Disclosure
    • Exempt (1 signature) No Fee
    • Non-Exempt $20.00
  • Contract (Beginning)
    • Sales Disclosure $20.00
    • Stamp - Endorse
  • Contract (Ending)
    • Deed $10.00 per parcel per Deed**
    • Non-Exempt (2 signatures)
  • Affidavit of Survivorship
    • $10.00 per parcel per Deed**

**DEED being defined as a signed instrument containing some legal transfer, or contract; this includes: Land Contracts, Affidavits, and any other legal instrument for which the Auditor makes a real property endorsement.

Property Deductions Available


  • If you own the property by 12/31/2024 and file by 12/31/2024, the deduction will be on 24 pay 25 taxes.

Over 65

  • Start January 1, 2024, for pay 2025
  • Tax form filed 2024 for 2023 income
  • Income Limits AGI Single - $32,610 Multiple Owners - $43,480
  • Assessed Value Limit $240,000
  • Deduction Value $14,000
  • Meet qualifications - If you are 65 on or before 12/31/24, have owned the property for at least one year, and file by 12/31/24 - the deduction will be effective for 24 and pay 25 taxes.

Blind or Disabled

  • Must bring proof

Disabled Veteran

  • Start January 1, 2024, for pay 2025
  • Code 1 Assessed value limit $200,000
  • Deduction Value $14,000
  • Code 2 No Av Limit Deduction Value 24960
  • Code 3 Av Limit $200,000 Total Deduction 38960


If you believe you are eligible for any property deductions, please call or visit the Auditor's office. For 24 payable 25 taxes, deductions must be filed by December 31, 2024. A complete list of DED & QUALIFICATIONS is available at