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About the Comptroller

About the Indiana State Comptroller

Elise Nieshalla is the 58th Indiana State Comptroller for Indiana. Appointed by Governor Eric J. Holcomb December 1, 2023, Comptroller Nieshalla is focused on providing accurate reporting, enhancing transparency and delivering great customer services to all Hoosiers.

Prior to becoming the Indiana State Comptroller, Nieshalla served as President of the Indiana County Councils Association, Chairwoman of the Association of Indiana Counties 2023 Legislative Committee, and President of the Boone County Council. She was named 2018 Indiana County Councilor of the Year.

As a hard-working entrepreneur and economic development professional, Comptroller Nieshalla has also worked 22 years in real estate overseeing property acquisitions and business management for a portfolio of investments. From managing and appropriating millions within her local county budget to reviewing revenue projections and planning for future needs, Comptroller Nieshalla has a proven portfolio herself showing her commitment to the highest standards of fiscal stewardship of hard-earned tax dollars.

Comptroller Nieshalla earned her bachelor’s degree from Oral Roberts University and a master’s degree from Indiana University. She resides with her husband Chris in Zionsville where they raised their four children.

About the Comptroller’s Office

The State Comptroller’s office has four main areas — Accounts Payable, Accounting and Reporting, Local Government, and Payroll. Each of these departments plays a crucial role in the functionality of state government. From paying state employees to balancing the state’s checkbook to working with locals and developing year-end financial reports, these departments and the employees within them are dedicated to accurate and transparent accounting on behalf of Hoosiers across the state. To learn more about these specific departments, click here.

State Comptroller Nieshalla has four primary responsibilities, including:

  • Accounting for all state funds
  • Overseeing and disbursing county, city, town, and school tax distributions
  • Paying the state’s bills and state employees
  • Administering Indiana’s Deferred Compensation Plan, known as Hoosier START

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