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Publishing Full Site

Full-site publishes are only for if there are changes to the left navigation or header (Header links, I Want Tos's, Online Services, Social Media) of the site.

If you add an item or change a link name in the left navigation of your site, you will require a full site publish.

  1. Finish making the change
  2. Ensure Foundation Page Controls are Open for the page to be published
  3. Right click anywhere within WebCMS, a popup menu option will appear.
  4. Click Publish Page
  5. The Publication Menu opens
  6. Make sure Publish all following pages is checked in the box (Do not check All Related)
  7. Select HTML_APACHE_PROD to publish to the live site.
  8. Uncheck HTML_APACH_TEST
  9. Leave everything else as is.
  10. Select OK in the bottom right of the window.
  11. When the publication is finished, you will receive an email. Do not attempt to republish the page until you receive confirmation the first publish has completed. (You may need to check you junk folder for this email)